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Help #BlockCovid19

Why Creepers are suddenly giving health advice

No matter what part of the world you live in, you are likely experiencing strange and scary times at the moment, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread through our communities. 

But even during this time, there are glimmers of hope, as individuals, organizations, and companies come together to help. Maybe you’ve seen people singing from balconies to lift spirits, or assisting elderly neighbors with their grocery shopping. It’s heartwarming stuff!  

If you’re among the healthcare or service professionals who help society run, we’re all indebted to you. But even if you’re “just” staying home, you’re blocking the pathways for Covid-19 and keeping it from spreading. Thank you for that! 

At Mojang, we find that distributing factual information is incredibly important, as that information will help people make informed decisions, which in turn may save lives. One thing we’re doing to help is teaming up with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and their partner, Heart17. Together, we’ll spread the word under the banner of #TomorrowTogether. 

Over the next week or so, we are devoting space in all of our social channels to important health advice derived from the World Health Organization’s recommendations. So if you suddenly come across a Creeper asking you to wash your hands, don’t worry: their agenda has not permanently changed. In the game, they still want nothing more than to get cozy with you and proceed to blow up. But in our social channels, and for the time being, they also want to help put an end to the pandemic. 

We’re honored to be part of this initiative, and hope it will help inch the world toward a future free of Covid-19. 

Take care and stay safe! 

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