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Always Building: Download the final map!

Five build teams. One map. Play the product of our Always Building project!

Last year we launched the Always Building project. Running across several months, we invited five separate build teams to contribute their talents to a single map, each constructing a floating island of their own design, the theme of which was chosen by YOU, the amazing Minecraft community.

Each team attacked their given theme with real ingenuity and the result is a map containing five truly beautiful, inspiring islands which you can see in the video above… or visit yourself today! Why not add some building of your own, constructing bridges between the islands, or use it as the basis of your own Sky Wars map? We'd love to see what you do with it!

Download the map for Java Edition right here.

You can see each island in detail and read an interview with the build teams in the articles below:


  • Blockception - building on the theme of Treehouse/Lighthouse
  • LinsCraft - building on the theme of Haunted Mansion
  • Everbloom - building on the theme of Science Lab
  • Deep Academy - building on the theme of Futuristic
  • NewRise - building on the theme of Winter

Thanks for everyone who participated - not just the incredible builders themselves, but also everyone who voted commented and joined in this celebration of the community’s creativity. Minecraft’s getting bigger and better every day - and it’s all down to you.



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