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Removing the Additional Modding Capabilities/Script API Experimental Feature

JavaScript APIs launched in beta in 2018 are expected to be removed from Minecraft in March 2022

Removing the Additional Modding Capabilities/Script API Experimental Feature

In December 2018, we introduced a new experimental Scripting API and capability for adding JavaScript to Minecraft worlds to implement gameplay and other experiences.  This beta capability was available on Windows versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition via the “Additional Modding Capabilities” experiment.  In early 2022, we’re looking to wind down the Additional Modding Capabilities experiment and associated Script API capability and remove it from future versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.  Over the coming weeks, in Minecraft Beta versions we’ll start to remove this functionality, and we plan for it be no longer available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition in the March timeframe. 

Note that the separate script API capabilities included with GameTest Framework are not impacted by this announcement – and we expect to continue adding more APIs to the GameTest Framework experiment.


What will happen to Minecraft Worlds with experimental Scripting APIs and capabilities? 

In future versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, scripts associated with the “Additional Modding Capabilities” will no longer run within Minecraft, and the Additional Modding Capabilities flag will no longer be visible as an experiment you can add to new worlds.

Worlds with the “Additional Modding Capabilities” experiment will continue to load and run – though because scripting included with those maps will no longer continue to function, gameplay and experience facets of those maps will be impacted.

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