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Win a trip to Minecraft: The Exhibition in Seattle

Celebrate #Minecraft10years with us!

Do you have an Instagram account? More importantly, do you follow @minecraft on Instagram? If you answered ‘no’, then… well, look, we’re not angry. Just disappointed. Show us some love by clicking here to be taken to our Instagram channel and give us a follow.

Next question! Do you want to win a trip to Seattle for you and up to three guests to attend Minecraft: The Exhibition at MoPOP, the Museum of Popular Culture? Of course you do, and if you enter our new contest on Instagram, you’ll have a chance to win! We’ll pay for flights, accommodation, travel and make it a Minecraft event to remember (you can find all the details about this fantastic prize by clicking here).

We’re celebrating the ten year anniversary of Minecraft! So to enter the contest, all you have to do to enter is share a video on Instagram that shows how you plan to celebrate Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary, with the hashtags #minecraft10years and #contest. OR you can use the hashtags #minecraft10year and #contest. Just make sure you’re including either #minecraft10year OR #minecraft10years AND #contest for your entry to be eligible!

As for what’s in your video, that’s completely up to you! It could be your favourite memory, you could roleplay a scene in the game, or even create something spectacular with your amazing art skills! Here’s a few of my ideas to get you started. You could show how you plan to celebrate Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary by:

  • Screaming “TEN LONG YEARS” at a Creeper plushie.

  • Training your baby so their first words are “Java snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.”

  • Building a house out of real dirt blocks and living in it for the rest of your life.

Actually, all my ideas are dreadful. We know you can do better! Let your imagination run wild and think of the funniest/coolest/friendliest/tastiest/oddest way to celebrate ten years of Minecraft. Then make a great video of it and share it with us!

Hang on Owen – you work for Mojang and that’s not even a video. Disqualified!

As for the rest of you, the contest starts today and you have until May 17th to enter. Before you start, make sure you read this fun list of rules and regulations to make sure you/your entry is eligible to win this fantastic prize. Be sure to read them more carefully than Owen did.

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