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Introducing: The Vote Update

Make more choices in Minecraft

We humans make 35,000 decisions a day – mostly about food, what to wear, how you communicate, and whether or not you should watch that new reality drama on your streaming platform (it’s sooo good, but you must wait at least 47 episodes for it to really kick off). That amount of decisions is both upsetting and, frankly, appalling. These are decisions that you could be making in Minecraft!! Mojang Studios has decided to correct this issue. The solution: even more choices!

Over the years, we’ve delivered a consistent line-up of life-changing, award-winning, mind-bending, not to mention jaw-dropping, content; Minecraft 3D, Snapshot 20w14∞, and One Block at a Time Update. But nothing COMES CLOSE to the Vote Update – a snapshot that has been in the works since early 2017.  

From the moment you start a game, you will find yourself in a world of endless voting, where the results fundamentally change the laws of Minecraft. As you might have noticed in the video, we have created a fine selection of voteable features that include everything and anything: beelloons*, French mode, zombie mode, rabbit transformation, exploding pistons, haunted world – and much, much more.

“Studies show that gamers love to make decisions – the more the better,” said Professor Apreel Dåre of Sillington University. “The fact that Mojang Studios is willing to put decision-making in the hands of the players just shows how much they care about their community. Or that’s what I assume. I haven’t been in a community since 1857 and I don’t really play games.”

*Balloons? Bees? Find out!

So when is this coming out? Truth is it’s already out! As we want to get the Vote Update in the hands of the players as soon as possible, we’re happy to announce you can download it right now! Thank us later.



  • Introduces Voting: a way to change everything!*

  • Realistic voting action – no need to wait for next Minecraft Live to get angry about other people's choices!

  • Revolutionary Meta-voting Technology for Metaverse!

  • Includes multiple new features too good to be included in mainstream releases – up to now!

  • Minimal chances of vote result destroying your world!

  • Exciting countdowns!


  • Yes for blocks!


  • Items for a better future!


  • Very exciting!


  • Added multiple new bugs (unless you hold a vote to decide they are features)

*Sure we’ve changed everything before but why don’t you come up with something better?


Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab. 

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please back up your world and/or run the snapshot in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: 



What happens if I download the snapshot?

After you download it, there is no turning back. If you delete the file, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You boot it up, you stay in the Overworld, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What can I expect in terms of gameplay? 

It's like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.

But I don't want to vote on things, I just want to relax!  

The hardest choices require the strongest wills!

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