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Several mobs looking into a portal into Minecraft Marketplace with lots of DLCs with Marketplace Pass written below

Say hello to Marketplace Pass

One subscription. Endless adventures.

Toot the hype horns, for there’s a brand-new way to enjoy Minecraft content! If you are a restless adventurer, mini-games enthusiast, avid collector of skins, or simply somebody who likes the thrill of a new challenge, the Marketplace Pass* subscription will be right up your street. For $3.99 U.S. per month (prices vary per region, see yours here), you get to dive into a catalog of 150+ different content packs from Minecraft Marketplace that’s refreshed monthly! 

What is Marketplace Pass? 

Marketplace Pass is a monthly subscription that gives you access to 150+ pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content. Simply put, Minecraft Marketplace is our hub for creator-made content available to buy for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Here, you can find skin packs, adventure worlds, survival spawns, mashups, skins, texture packs, and other DLC. Some are story-driven, others combat focused, a few will make you a speedy parkour pro or an unbeatable puzzle master, while others magically make your blocky world look different. Every single one of them is created by our brilliant community of creators and there to add new playstyles and variety to your Minecraft sessions. 

With Marketplace Pass, we handpick 150+ of some of the community’s most loved packs every month for you to play and enjoy with your subscription. Each month you can also collect a new set of Character Creator items to wear when you head into your adventures. This month you can claim some mythical boots, a radiant leotard, ethereal crown, and more! Sounds like quite the look to me.. And remember, once redeemed, these limited-edition pieces will stay in your wardrobe, so get them while you can!

What you get with Marketplace Pass:

  • Access to 150+ pieces of content from Minecraft Marketplace for $3.99 U.S. per month (prices vary per region, see yours here) 
  • Regularly refreshed content that adds variety to your gameplay and experiences in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  • Some of the community’s favorite worlds, skin packs, textures, and mash-up packs for you to play
  • A new set of time-limited Character Creator items each month, which are yours to keep even after your Marketplace Pass subscription ends 
  • Access to your subscription content on all supported devices through your Microsoft account and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 

What’s the difference between Marketplace Pass and Realms Plus?

The Marketplace content catalog you get access to is the same for both subscriptions, the difference is who you can play with! Realms Plus includes a personal server for you and up to ten friends to play on together across devices. So if you want to challenge each other to mini games, explore new worlds together, or take on build challenges as a team, we recommend Realms Plus. If you're more of a solo adventurer, then Marketplace Pass is the one for you.

What will you play next?

I might not be a mathematician, but 150+ adventures sound like A LOT of fun! The real question then is: Which to start with? I might put my interior design skills to the test with Furniture: Modern 2 by Spark Universe since they have a pinata and an aquarium. Or maybe retreat to my secret base in Hacker Tools by 4KS Studios.

Head over to Marketplace Pass to check out what’s included in this month’s subscription and explore which adventure you’ll embark on first. Then try another, and another one after that! All first-time subscribers get a 30-day trial, so sign up at Marketplace now and give Marketplace Pass a whirl yourself. Happy exploring!


*Marketplace Pass requires a compatible version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with Minecraft Marketplace (sold separately). The 30-day trial excludes existing and prior Marketplace Pass members (paid and trial), existing Realms Plus members (paid and trial), and Switch users. After trial, subscription continues at regular membership rate unless canceled. Marketplace Pass content varies over time, see Requires Microsoft Account sign-in. Not supported on Amazon Kindle Fire or Minecraft Java Edition.

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