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Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Copper Golem

Vote for your favorite mob on October 16!

We’re just days away from Minecraft Live and it’s time to reveal the final mob in this year’s nail-biting vote! This one is going to be very close to call, because the third mob you can vote for is none other than a gorgeous golem! Some assembly required, instant adoration included.

The copper golem is the DIY project of your dreams. Not only do you get to build a brand new buddy, but this little creature is made out of 100% copper. That means that just like any other copper structure, it will oxidize over time. It’s more than just a pretty face, the copper golem is also very unpredictable! Keep your eye on it, especially if you have any copper buttons lying around. Oh, you don’t have any of those yet? Well, it’s because they will also be added to Minecraft if you vote for the copper golem!

I wanted to find out more about this orange button-pusher, so I set a meeting for our resident artisan under false pretenses.

Are you serious? There’s no mac and cheese? I’m going to HR this time.

Seung, Art Director

There won’t be any mac nor cheese next time either, you visual visionary! But there is a surplus of copper and other copper-like materials, so you know what you must do. Build a copper statue in my likeness! Hey. What are you doing? I said a statue of moi, not a copper golem army. Why are they coming towards me? Stop that. They haven’t been voted in, there should only be a one in three chance that they exist and a zero chance that they would ever attack me, specifically! And not just because of my infamous charm! 

Do you want the copper golem to join Minecraft? Cast your vote on Twitter during this year’s Minecraft Live on October 16! The festivities start at noon EDT, and you can read all about this year’s show at

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