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To the left, we see jeb's in-game character with a worried expression. In the center, we see key art of the hero character of Minecraft Legends. And to the right, we see a horde of menacing-looking piglins.

Minecraft Legends-themed event

Join jeb and Hannahxxrose in Bedrock Edition this weekend for parkour and surprises!

What are our favorite parties? The ones that are appropriate to attend in PJs, of course: sleepovers and online events. But since we realized that very few of us at Mojang actually own nice PJs, we’ve decided to go for the latter and invite you to the Minecraft Legends Live Event for Bedrock Edition! To celebrate the launch of Minecraft Legends, we're putting on our swankiest character skins and partying the best way we know how – online. 

Join our very own Jens Bergensten (jeb) and creator Hannahxxrose on the weekend of May 13 in this unique live event! Well, we call it an event, but it's more of an amusement park. Also, Jens said something about a presentation? Not sure what that’s all about, but he seemed very excited!

Do you enjoy fighting alongside the golems in Minecraft Legends? Then you'll also love climbing an oversized one as Jeb and Hannah cheer you on in this Minecraft Legends-themed map! Explore two different parkour courses in the form of a plank golem (easy difficulty) and a cobblestone golem (hard difficulty). Speaking of climbing, there’s also a rollercoaster ride in case you want the thrills without the effort!

And that’s not all – get ready for an explosive surprise and adorable easter eggs! This map really has everything.

It would be a shame if something unexpected happened to ruin it...

How to join

So put on your best hero garb and join us between Friday May 12 at 10am PT (7pm CET) and Sunday May 14 at 9pm PT (May 15, 6am CET).  To enter the event map, look for the dedicated button on the main screen of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Please note the event won’t be available in other versions of Minecraft so make sure you’re launching Bedrock. Unfortunately, the event is also not accessible on Chromebooks.

You’ll also need an internet connection to take part in the event, which means that you must have a subscription that includes online play on consoles, like Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online. To join from a child account, make sure that server play is enabled in the account’s settings; this is turned off by default. 

In the meantime, make sure to practice your leadership and fighting skills in Minecraft Legends! You never know when they’ll come in handy. Probably sooner than you'd think...

See you at the event!

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