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Four Minecraft Legends hero characters on horseback, standing side by side in PvP mode

Minecraft Legends PvP Stream

Watch PvP and get tips & tricks – straight from the devs!

In Minecraft Legends, the piglins are relentless opponents, but your friends might give you just as much trouble! PvP mode pits heroes against each other as they try to destroy each other’s bases in a battle of wits, endurance, and resourcefulness. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun if you’re the one that does the destroying.

Want a leg up on your friendly competition? Tune in to an exciting PvP livestream at on April 21 from 10am PT to 12pm PT (or 7pm to 9pm CEST), where eight content creators will be playing a demonstrative match. Craigh Leigh, Principal Design Director for Minecraft Legends, and Martin Garcia from Xbox Content Marketing, will also be there to commentate as well as offer tips and tricks. We’ll also be giving away prizes, including copies of Minecraft Legends!

Our fierce but friendly competitors will be: teonawrites, PotatoPie25, Phineapoo (Thephamilyyt), cosevie, jojosolos, ChicaDeAwesome, Prowl8413, Kendrisite. 

Good luck, and may the bravest heroes win!

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