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Steve bartering with Piglins for Ender Pearls in a Bastion Remnant

Minecraft 1.20 Pre-Release 1

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

It is now time for the first Pre-release for Minecraft 1.20: The Trails and Tales update!

From now on, you should mostly see bugs being fixed. In addition to that, pre-releases don't follow the regular snapshot cadence of releasing on Wednesdays, so keep an eye out for the next pre-release.

As always, a big thank you to the community for your feedback, bugs reported, and awesome ideas throughout the snapshot series. Let the pre-releases commence!


  • Colored Wool, Carpets and Beds can now be dyed to any other color

Technical Changes

  • Added new damage types: outside_border and generic_kill
  • Random sequences for loot tables are now deterministic
  • Changes in encoding
  • string data sources for the data command now accept negative boundaries, which are interpreted as index counted from the end of the string

Damage Types

  • Players outside the world border are now hurt by the damage type outside_border instead of in_wall
  • Forcibly removing an entity using i.e. the /kill command now uses damage type generic_kill instead of out_of_world

Loot Table Random Sequences

The game now uses named random sequences to deterministically produce loot for loot tables. Each random sequence produces a unique sequence based on the world seed and sequence ID, which means a loot table will produce the same results when ran with the same parameters in the same world.

The ID of the random sequence to use for a loot table is specified in a new field called random_sequence.

  • File is now read in UTF-8 initially, with previous encoding (ISO 8859-1/Latin 1) as a fallback
  • File is now written with UTF-8 encoding

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-release 1

  • MC-180 - When reaching the other side of a nether portal the animation plays forever until stepped out of
  • MC-2215 - Encoding errors in
  • MC-18060 - Several realms strings are untranslatable
  • MC-35078 - Breaking animation is one frame off
  • MC-123081 - Placing an end crystal when entering The End prevents Ender Dragon from spawning
  • MC-146582 - When entering spectator mode while standing on the ground, the player moves down by 0.19051 blocks, which makes you fall down
  • MC-195781 - The "Include entities:" string displayed within the structure block GUI is improperly capitalized
  • MC-195825 - "datapacks" string is inconsistent with "data pack" string in "datapackFailure.title" text
  • MC-198202 - Options background texture does not match dirt texture
  • MC-203039 - Incorrect use of colon in options.hideMatchedNames.tooltip
  • MC-206548 - Leash knot subtitles are not properly capitalized
  • MC-226454 - The "Light as a Rabbit" advancement description has no space after the ellipsis
  • MC-236606 - Lightning bolt related string lacks capitalization
  • MC-241736 - Company names are still inconsistent and partly misspelled in the credits
  • MC-250571 - Gamerule description strings within the world creation menu consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-256424 - Game mode is sometimes referred to as "gamemode"
  • MC-257336 - Some chiseled bookshelf interaction subtitles are improperly capitalized
  • MC-262006 - Melon and Pumpkin are in the default '#maintains_farmland' tag despite not maintain farmland
  • MC-262208 - In the credits, "Lionbridge" is misspelt in one place (no "g")
  • MC-262253 - Music composers not listed in credits
  • MC-262265 - Changing resource pack that overrides a font crashes JVM
  • MC-262296 - Rabbits are no longer affected by jump boost
  • MC-262300 - Menu text is now rendered in front of the Mojang Studios loading screen fade animation
  • MC-262304 - The stepping_on predicate condition does not correctly succeed on trapdoors
  • MC-262308 - Entities do not stick to honey blocks pushed by pistons if their center isn't over the honey block
  • MC-262313 - Nether won't load in upgraded worlds
  • MC-262317 - Items don't respect properties of the block they are supported on
  • MC-262351 - Worldgen deadlock caused by supporting block checks
  • MC-262363 - Player can still gain a normal jump off of a honey block with precise timing
  • MC-262424 - Sprinting particles on the edges of blocks are still incorrect

Get the Pre-release

Pre-release are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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