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From Aimless Ambler to Purposeful Porpoise

Adventures in a Pineapple Under the Sea

This month, you have witnessed the wonderful Editorial Team of Mojang Studios start brand new stories. We have thrown ourselves into this task with vigor: beasts have been wrangled, impossible jumps jumped, and roles played. But now the time has come for me to dive into a new story by going on an undersea adventure with the SpongeBob SquarePants DLC from Nickelodeon and Spark Universe! 

When I play Minecraft, I like to wander aimlessly and build without a plan. A mix of meditation and chaos. That is why my new story needed to take me on a more linear path, with a goal more tangible than merely surviving. The thought of this terrifies me to my very core, but for you dear reader, I will be brave! 

My new story also has an added layer of novelty –  I have never seen Mr. SquarePants’ show. Shocking, I know! I have merely baked two birthday cakes bearing his visage and seen snippets of his aquatic antics around the web. With no biases to hold me back, I headed over to Bikini Beach. 

SpongeBob made a wonderful first impression, as he was the ultimate host and greeted me when I arrived. I returned the favor by barging into his pineapple house to make myself a pre-adventure snack. When I was done in the kitchen, like any good builder, I set out to explore his home to get a sense of who this sponge really was, at the core. From his abode, I discovered that he liked fruits that once held a high-status symbol, an open plan kitchen, and has a room that celebrates pain. 

I decided to focus on the adventure rather than overthink that last room, so I fled exited SpongeBob’s house and set out to explore Bikini Bottom. I got as far as the house next door, which is quite the distance by my leisurely standards. I met Squidward, who needed help putting together a band for his best day ever. Since I am a most excellent roadie, I barged into his home and started crafting together some instruments. 

Equipped with a trumpet, a guitar, and a jar of mayonnaise, we headed out to serenade the town. At first I was nervous. I didn’t know what the Bikini Bottom Top 40 chart looked like at all, maybe they were into highbrow genres like MerMetal or Oceanic Opera? But when I started belting out the sweet sounds of Sandy Ska I knew that I had found my audience. The townsfish jammed along with my tunes, and I felt a sense of accomplishment for helping Squidward make this the best day ever! 

Once the concert was over and the rave reviews were being written up, I moved on to my next task at the Krusty Krab. The proprietor kindly asked me to help with the lunch rush, which seemed easy enough. Of course I would lend a helping hand! I held them forth performatively, which was a grave mistake because that is when Eugene Krabs placed a hydrodynamic spatula in one and a burger in the other. 

Before I could back out, the doors opened and the anchovies started to swarm. I was flinging burgers left and right, trying to protect the cash register. SpongeBob did the same, but with the cool ease of a total professional. I did my best to smile as widely as he did, but considering the empty tip jar at the end of my shift, I don’t think it worked. I tried it a few more times, and got better at it but at the end of the day, I think I’ll stick to writing. But I’m keeping the spatula, Eugene! 

As I continued to explore, I found myself checking off more and more tasks. I was on a mission to make everyone’s day the best day ever, so there was no time to dilly-dally. But as my time in Bikini Bottom started drawing to a close, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t wandered off to do my own thing. Could it be that SpongeBob was just that good of a host or was I despite all odds, growing as a person? One that could follow someone else’s narrative and work towards a bigger goal? 

Flustered by the thought of change, albeit positive, I quickly reverted back to old patterns and ran to the toilets to cry. 

When I emerged, I saw the world with new, clear eyes. They had gotten a thorough wash after all. Trying something new wasn’t as scary as I had thought! It was actually quite rewarding. And not just because of all the loot I collected along the way, like my musical mayonnaise or the millions of adoring fans. Maybe this is the year that I step out of my comfort zone. As long as there’s a toilet nearby. 

If you want some help in starting a new story, check out Minecraft Marketplace to find the SpongeBob DLC and loads of other content! 

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