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Building upon a Minecraft Now Q&A

Did you watch the August episode of Minecraft Now? Whether you saw it live, watched it after it aired, or are saving it for a special occasion, I am going to give you the briefest of recaps. Not to spoil anything – I would NEVER – but to give you some context so the rest of this article makes sense.

Agnes and Ingela joined Vu for a live building session, where they also took questions from the chat. If you want to find out what their favorite blocks are and why, you can watch the show, because I am here to talk about the question regarding the size of the core game team. Ingela discusses the team growing from 15 to 80 people and how the structure has changed over the years. It has taken time, growing pains, and a lot of effort from all parties, but today the team are in a place where they can draw inspiration and take more ownership of their work.

One of the changes that the team has made is the way they work with updating the game, and how they can balance fixes with new features. We want Minecraft to last forever, but it’s also no spring chicken and needs some work under the hood. Yes, I am aware that I mixed two metaphors, but in my defense I can neither drive nor look a bird in the eye. Let’s stick to the point!

These changes aim to take care of our team and ensure the highest quality possible, while also delivering on our promises. This year, we’re going to do things a little bit differently during Minecraft Live 2022, coming October 15. In the past, we have revealed the bigger part of our upcoming updates during the show. But this year, we want to stay true to Minecraft’s mysterious nature and not let all the cats and ocelots out of the bag. The team are still going to show off what they’re working on, but only the things that are ready to take the stage and shine beneath the spotlight.

Minecraft has grown so much since it first saw the light of day in 2010. The studio has taken it in all kinds of directions, but it has been shaped by all of us. Everyone who sends in feedback, everyone who creates content in and beyond the game, everyone who plays Minecraft is helping this blocky world evolve into a weirder and more wonderful place than we could have ever imagined. We are going to keep listening, learning, and drawing inspiration from you. Hopefully you will share our excitement for the features that we will be showcasing on October 15, and keep your eyes open for more during the coming months!

You can catch up on the entire Q&A, take a tour through the art museum in the Mojang Studios server, and marvel at Agnes and Ingela’s cat mansion by watching Minecraft Now: Live Build Session on our YouTube channel!

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