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This image shows all the fun of Minecraft Realms bursting onto your screen! Yippee!

Discover Realms Stories

A new Realms feature now playable in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Every Realm has a story to tell. Whether you’ve stuffed your buddy’s base with chickens, accidentally led a creeper into camp, or leapt through a Nether portal with nothing in your inventory, the stories that come out of your Realm are uniquely yours. With the launch of Realms Stories into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition today, you’ll have more ways than ever to tell them! 

Realms Stories* is a new social hub available for testing that lets you share your greatest gameplay moments with your fellow Realm members. You can shout about a success, ask for advice on your latest build, showcase something you’re proud of, or simply tell the world a Pillager attack is incoming (!)

*Available today in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for existing Realms subscribers or players that have been invited to a Bedrock Edition Realm. Please note: we need a little more time to deliver the best possible experience for iOS & Android, and will be rolling out Realms Stories on these platforms in the near future.


Share your news

Access the screenshot button from the in-game pause menu, and show everyone what you’ve been up to during your play session. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a woodland mansion, and want some back-up before charging in? Or you’ve made progress in a shared build, and want to pass the torch to the new builder to log on!  

Whatever you enjoy doing in Minecraft, Realms Stories will make it easier to share with your fellow Realm members, so you can build, plan and play together – even when you’re far apart. I’ve been planning a tea-party there in The End ages, I just can’t seem to find a way in...

Celebrate your adventuring milestones

Realm Events will also share your diamond mining, mountain climbing, and mineshaft-discovering milestones! Each time you unlock a new adventuring milestone, it’ll pop up in your Realms Stories feed automatically as a Realm Event! Wait, does that mean that everyone will be able to see when I finally make it to the End? I’d better take my Ender Dragon tea-party preparations much more seriously then. How many cakes is too many cakes?


Even more new features 

Realms Stories includes a “Members” tab, which makes it easy for everyone (not just the Realm owner!) to see who is a member of that Realm. You will also be able to use the Members tab to see who is online, which means if you don’t want to venture into the deep dark alone, you can see who is around to sacrifice to a warden accompany you!  

There’s also a Timeline tab in Realms Stories that’ll show when you have the most concurrent Realm members online, and Realm owners can decide whether to have this visible for all Realm members. Perfect for planning that Realm party!  

What story will your Realm tell? 


You can dive into Realms Stories, including the Timeline view and Members tab by loading up your Realm in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition!

In the meantime, I’m going to get serious about my The End tea-party. I’ll need someone to bring the decorations, and someone to craft a table and chairs. I’ll be in charge of taming the Ender dragon, and inviting it to the party! After all, how hard could that be?

We hope you enjoy filling your Realms Stories feed with tales of your latest gaming session. Load up your Realm, and dive into Realms Stories today!  

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