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A dark silhouette of a Minecraft Legends cosmetic that players will unlock once they reach a total of 20 million destroyed piglin bases.

Countdown to 20 million destroyed piglin bases

Team up to hit a major milestone in Minecraft Legends!

Update September 5, 2023: Well done on reaching a legendary milestone! Our community of heroes has officially surpassed 20 million destroyed piglin bases, and now it’s time to claim your reward via the Minecraft Legends in-game marketplace – just look for the Mythical Champion Horse. Use your new skin proudly, and remember: you made this happen!

Heroes, get ready for a mighty quest! As if saving the Overworld from the relentless piglins wasn’t enough, we have another challenge for you. And this one requires our player community to unite and fight together. One hero might do great things, but many heroes can achieve the impossible!

Over the past few months, you’ve been busy destroying piglin bases – so many that you’re close to hitting a total of 20 million! That’s a mind-boggling milestone, and we thought we’d give you a little push towards reaching it.

Once our community of heroes has reached this milestone, we’ll unveil the mystery skin that will become available for every Minecraft Legends player!

The progress bar represents the final 500K piglin bases before the 20 million milestone. This bar will update daily to show your collective progress!

Raise your banner, rally your best structure-damaging allies, and charge bravely into battle! Those piglins don’t stand a chance when determined heroes come together –   especially if they’re teaming up in co-op mode!

Looking for some fresh strategies on how to destroy bases and outposts faster? Or are you eager to share yours? Join us on Discord and chat with other piglin-fighting heroes! And make sure to look for the latest news right here on and at @legends_game, where we’ll update you on your progress and unveil the surprise skin.

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