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Ask Mojang Episode #4

More burning questions for Mojang’s bravest employees!

Is the Minecraft chicken truly a chicken? Do we roll the dice when deciding what bugs to fix? What is the biome of our dreams? These aren’t just random, subjective, and absolutely amazing questions – they are also the foundation for the fourth episode of the profoundly informative ‘Ask Mojang’.

No idea what we’re talking about? Fret not, we’re happy to explain! Ask Mojang is our YouTube series where we bring together the best and brightest developers Mojang has to offer – all to answer your burning questions about anything and everything (preferably Minecraft-related). For each episode, we bring on a new set of panelists. I’ve luckily managed to dodge it so far, maybe because I’m already busy answering questions like “have you finished writing that article about Ask Mojang yet?” I’m on it, Tom. Simmer down.

Got something you want to ask for the next episode of ‘Ask Mojang’? Either tweet us @minecraft, or leave a comment in the YouTube video (or maybe both?), with the hashtag #askmojang

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