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New on Realms: Pirates and Programs

Nine new experiences are ready now!

This week in Java Realms content we feature a load of diverse creations for you and your friends to explore. We’ve got board games, hide and seek, and even some art for you to thoughtfully stroke your chin at! If you can make it through reading about all of these without first rushing off to try them, you win a cookie!*

Cookie is redeemable in-game. Wheat and cocoa beans not included. Terms and conditions may apply. Mojang accepts no responsibility for the preceding three sentences being stuffed with lies.


by Chopper2112, CoolKidPoof, waterprincess244

In Dreadnought, two teams square off against each other in a naval battle, using strategy and a little luck to sink the opposing vessels. Each team can place five ships, then teams alternate firing a shot at each other in a very proper, gentlemanly form of warfare. Each hit gets you a bit more information about the enemy placement, and once you think you have them, go wild. Sink five ships and you’ll emerge the victor!

A Programmed Adventure


A Programmed Adventure feels and plays a lot like a spiritual successor to our own Hour of Code collaboration with Code.org. In similar style, this series of puzzles will require you to think several steps ahead. When you think you’ve got it all down, lay out a set of instructions, then go! If you’ve done it all correctly, the level will finish. If not, well, keep at it! Just debug your steps, and try as many times as you’d like.

Phantom Run

by iWacky

Phantoms are not my favorite creatures. Picture the scene - you’re sleepy, you want to turn in for the night, get a good snooze, and recover from all of that pickaxe swinging. But out of nowhere, some freaky bat horror decides to end you, swooping in like a car salesman at the end of a slow month.

If you enjoy phantoms and wish that they were bigger and your death was more inevitable, Phantom Run is for you! This minigame can be played alone or with friends, and your goal is to simply outrun the massive murder beast flying after you, laughing at your numerous jumping failures. Get good at jumping over seemingly-impossible jumps, and ensure that you’ve got a degree in advanced slime block jump physics, or else you will become Phantom chow. If anyone needs me, I’ll be rocking back and forth under my desk.

Pirates Hide & Seek

by iWacky, ALEX_CY, It5meSam

Hide and seek is a childhood favorite, but one thing could have made it better: pirates! Alright, multiple things could have made it better, but pirates will have to do. In this iteration, you’re on either the hiding or seeking team, and the mechanics work differently based on which you’ve selected. See that curse altar? You can give the seekers negative effects like slowness, nausea, and blindness. I’m glad we didn’t have those on the playground! You’ve also got access to a number of powerups, and learning which ones exist and how to use them is part of the fun. Now get to it, sailor!

Spot the Difference


Spot the Difference is a challenging game with asymmetrical gameplay: during a round, one player hides their block around a small room and the other person must find them. Power ups can give you different advantages such as removing all blocks of one type or giving you extra chances. Once the block has been placed, watch out for your sneaky opponent, and try to take them down quickly!

Corte Madera

by Team Vaeron

Our team is always happy to play through new Inspiration maps; that is, a category of Realms maps which are intended to inspire creators through many small builds, or even one large one like Corte Madera. To get more details on this build, we asked team member Florian Funke for his thoughts:

Corte Madera is about the story of an uprising political revolution in a dystopian future. Overpopulation has led to severe living conditions for nearly all of humanity. Only a few, the highest class of society, are dominating the class system reflected by the division of the city into its three sectors. We want to open people's eyes and make them reflect on their actions that are potentially directly impacting all of our futures. Players should be able to experience such a world with their own eyes. In Corte Madera, they are in control. They can walk the streets and observe all the details themselves. We believe that this project can inspire different thinking on our worlds most significant problems, allowing all of us to live a better and longer life. Florian Funke

Thanks, Florian!

Four in a Line

by Kooleyy

It’s the classic story: red piece meets yellow piece, yellow piece meets red piece, then suddenly four red pieces meet and it’s all over. Players take turns dropping one piece at a time and may need to think several moves ahead to simultaneously block opposing plays and set up their own. Once you’ve stacked up enough pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, you win! Rounds are fast-paced and can be played over and over.

Showcase of Vehicles

by PopularYouTube, MagicTin, MagicJer10

Showcase of Vehicles is the second inspiration map this week, but rather than focusing on one, expansive build, players are presented with tons of Minecraft-y vehicles. Jeeps, construction vehicles, mob-inspired cars, and more! If you’ve wanted to add vehicles to a modern build, check out these creations for ideas.

Abstraction: MINECON EARTH

By Jigarbov

Jigarbov’s MINECON Earth map returns! Last year, he put together a mini adventure challenge map in the style of the MINECON logo. This year, he’s updated it with the new logo, but you can still get over to the original island. You can play however you’d like, but the game also provides you with a bit of guidance in the form of a line of signs requesting different materials. Steel yourself as you carefully travel over the void, and get ready for MINECON Earth!

The Earth is Not Round. It’s a Cube!

Whew, we got that in just in time for MINECON EARTH! If you’ll excuse us now, we’re off to shut down the computers, lock down the office, and get ready for Saturday’s festivities! If you happen to be at the Stockholm viewing party, our whole team will be there and we’re always happy to chat about Minecraft maps.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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