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New on Realms: Gold fishing, sky islands and more!

More great goodies to see you through July

Hot on the heels of June’s enormous Java Realms content release, we have another batch ready for your immediate consumption!

July is always a bit of a slow month here in Sweden, as folks go on vacation and entire offices empty. While many of us are away now, we wanted to be sure to get at least one release in this month. Things will pick up again in August, as everyone returns, relaxed and thoroughly cooked from the sun.

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Color Drop

by Minemakers Team

Color Drop is a fast-paced strategic mining game with a number of sneaky powerups. Your goal is to mine as many of the given blocks as possible, but you can only mine when two are touching. Ensuring that you set yourself up properly is the key, or else you’ll end up with bunches of lone blocks, each of which will drop your lives closer and closer to zero! As you play, you accumulate points, redeemable for power-ups ranging from dropping a big, single-colored square to yourself, to temporarily blinding your opponents.

Fishing for Gold

by KrisMadas

Items drop into the play field, daring players to reel in the most lucrative of them. Gold, emeralds, and valuable nether stars await, but make sure not to grab iron, those will cost you points. We’ve found that a fun way to play is to get behind your opponents and drag iron to them!

The Museum of Redstone

by WebWorm3

If you’re anything like me, using redstone to connect a door and a lever is still a magical event. But if you’ve ever watched Minecraft videos online, you know there’s a wide world of redstone creations out there, from hopper and chest contraptions, to spiraling, multi-block piston doors. This museum might not make you a redstone savant overnight, but it will certainly ease you into increasingly complex mechanisms, designed for both fun and utility.

Advanced Sky

by Mr3DAlien

Advanced Sky is a fresh take on playing survival Minecraft. With limited resources, you must survive on a series of islands in the sky, careful not to fall down into the void far below. The game makes use of new, custom advancements to guide you in your gameplay, so be sure to bring up the list and see what you need to do next!

Happy Minecrafting!

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