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A collective shot of the Minecraft x Higround keyboards

Minecraft x HiGround

DAY 8: Clickity clacking onto a desk near you

What’s the best sound in the world? Birdsong on a crisp morning? The joyful giggle of a toddler? Absolutely not – it’s the clickity clack of a really nice keyboard! And because we’re such big fans of good sounds (as our top secret 10-hour ghast noises playlist shows), we’ve teamed up with Higround to create keyboards that look cool, sound amazing, and feel satisfying to type on. Hmm, maybe they could also help me finally beat the Ender Dragon...

First, you have the Basecamp range, which are the perfect daily driver keyboards for work and gaming. These six different designs offer you the most options if your priority is finding your perfect Minecrafty aesthetic. The designs are: Inventory, Creeper, Steve & Animals, Blocky, Grass Block, and Mining Wall.

Then there’s the Performance range, the keyboards for hardcore gamers! These give you more of a competitive edge with magnetic switches, dynamic actuation, and rapid trigger. These come in four designs: Inventory, Creeper, Steve & Animals, and Mining Wall.

Finally, there’s the Summit range, which offers a premium typing experience and advanced customizability, and comes in two designs: Inventory and Steve & Animals.

Do you want a mousepad to complement your new keyboard? Or do you already have a keyboard you’d like to Minecraftify? Good news, because there’s also a range of accessories that includes five mousepads, two sets of keycaps, a jelly bag, and a T-shirt. Grab all of these and the keyboards on the Higround website on 29 May at 12 PM PT/9PM CET and sign up for early access to get a 15-minute head start on launch day.

Today’s free Character Creator item – and a recap!

In 2016’s version 1.11, the sassiest mob galloped into the Overworld, also introducing the most devastating attack in the game to date: spitting. And today, we honor them with the Llama Hat! Whether you’re usually befriending llamas or facing their wrath (or both, they can be fickle creatures), grab this Character Creator item after 10am PST/7pm CET and celebrate one of Minecraft’s most iconic camelids! Want more llamas? Have one as a pet in Minecraft Dungeons’ Howling Peaks DLC, or even play as one in Lost Legends: Legend of the Llama, a free challenge available for Minecraft Legends. Both games (and Minecraft) are still up to 50* off for a limited time!

In case you’ve just joined the celebration, welcome! Also, where have you been? No matter, because you can still get all the free Character Creator items released so far! That includes the Cave Game Hoodie, Crafting Cap, Ender Hood, Emerald Expert, Redstone Coat, Toe Guardians, and Fleece Friends! That’s enough for an entire outfit right there. Disclaimer: Combining all items might cause onlookers to question your fashion choices. Pay them no mind.

Today, we discovered a new way to shape our gaming setups. What will tomorrow bring? Only one way to find out – keep checking Minecraft.net because this party doesn’t stop for another whole week!

*Discounts may vary by region or platform. Limited time promotion.

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