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Three agitated Vex are floating above a red carpet in a Mansion. They're holding up their sword and looking at you menacingly.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w45a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot 22w45a is now out and about. This snapshot introduces the new default skins for offline players, bamboo blocks, and a visual refresh for the Vex. On top of that, there’s some additional creative inventory tweaks.

Happy mining!

New Features in 22w45a

  • Added new default skins for offline players
  • Added Block of Bamboo and Stripped Block of Bamboo
    • Block of Bamboo can be crafted from 9 Bamboo and can be stripped like other wood logs
    • Bamboo Planks crafted from Block of Bamboo yield only 2 planks compared to 4 for wood logs

Changes in 22w45a

  • The Vex now has a new look
  • The Wild update music has been tweaked to be slightly less loud
  • When opening, Shulker Boxes will pop off blocks which are attached to opened faces (such as Torches)
    • Blocks that require support cannot be placed on these open faces while the Shulker Box is open
  • “Teleport to Team Member” option in spectator menu now only shows up for teams with viable target players
  • Added Operator Items Tab option in the Controls menu which is off by default
  • Creative Inventory changes


  • Changes to Vex model and textures
    • The Vex retains a slightly oversized hitbox to make it easier to fight

Creative Inventory changes

  • Operator-only items now appear in a new Operator Utilities tab if you have both:
    • Operator Items Tab option in Controls menu set to ON
    • The required operator permissions
    • The tab is hidden if operator permissions are lost while inventory is open
    • Now also includes Structure Blocks and all light levels of Light Blocks
  • Added a Colored Blocks tab
    • Contains all blocks with 16 color variants
    • Moved all colored blocks from Building Blocks tab to this tab instead to make that tab less sizeable
  • Consumables tab has been renamed to Food & Drinks tab to have a more straightforward name
  • Crafting tab has been renamed to Ingredients tab since not all items are used in crafting
  • Reordered
    • Natural Blocks
      • More consistency between types for the top section
      • Moved eggs to be between seeds and single-block plants
      • Placed climbable plants above double-block plants
    • Food & Drinks
      • Cooked versions of raw food are now right next to each other
    • Redstone Blocks
      • Less cluttered
      • Higher importance items up the top
      • Removed variants of Doors, Trapdoors, Buttons and Boats that don’t have any functional difference
    • Ingredients
      • Placed Lapis in the same order as ore blocks
  • Moved
    • Bottle o’ Experience from the Tools & Utilities tab to the Ingredients tab next to enchanting books
  • Added
    • All axes to the Combat tab (they still remain in the Tools & Utilities tab as well)
    • All possible Suspicious Stews to the Consumables tab
      • The tooltip will show the effect of a stew before it’s picked up from the Creative Inventory
      • Only stews with effects available via crafting or Mooshrooms are listed
    • Pressure Plates and Buttons of each type to the Building Blocks tab
    • Almost all lighting blocks to the top of the Functional Blocks tab
    • All 3 flight durations of Fireworks to Tools & Utilities tab, and the Combat tab next to Crossbow
    • Eye of Ender next to End Portal Frame block in Functional tab for better ease of use
  • Tooltips for all items in Creative Menu outside single-category tabs will show categories where this item can be found
    • Previously this only happened on the search tab

Technical Changes in 22w45a

  • The /publish command has new arguments to enable commands and set the default gamemode
    • New syntax: /publish [allowCommands] [gamemode] [port]
  • Changes to the Open to LAN screen
    • The screen now allows selecting the port on which to host the LAN world
    • The game mode and allow cheats buttons are now initialized with the default values of the world
  • The Resource Pack version is now 12

Fixed bugs in 22w45a

  • MC-80032 - Horses can suffocate when going through nether portals
  • MC-118140 - Result map tooltip when zooming out a map shows previous zoom value instead of new one
  • MC-127110 - You can’t empty water buckets into waterlogged blocks
  • MC-177523 - Enderman angry/screaming sound event subtitled identically to idle sound
  • MC-193360 - Inconsistent eye level between piglins or zombified piglins and piglin brutes
  • MC-200000 - Merchant trade select packet (C2S) does not check for negative indices
  • MC-235414 - Player desynchronization with Nether Portals
  • MC-244550 - Empty Tags match Empty Slots in Shaped Recipes
  • MC-255370 - Chat hover & click events are offset if “Line Spacing” chat setting is used
  • MC-255743 - Bees’ path finding system may cause performance issues
  • MC-256461 - Camel’s back of neck is visible during the sit down animation
  • MC-256511 - Non-controlling passengers can make camels dash
  • MC-256516 - Inconsistent textures with jungle hanging signs
  • MC-256532 - Sounds for Bamboo, Crimson and Warped hanging signs use the generic wood sound
  • MC-256616 - Weighted pressure plates make incorrect sounds
  • MC-256674 - FileAlreadyExistsException if the resourcepacks directory is a symbolic link
  • MC-256765 - References to chat reporting in singleplayer
  • MC-256854 - Error in any model file causes resource reload fail now
  • MC-256884 - Mobs don’t shoot correctly from crossbows
  • MC-256885 - The word “messages” within the “gui.chatSelection.fold” string is always pluralized
  • MC-256888 - New network protocols prevent logging into offline servers
  • MC-256903 - Lodestone compass’s enchantment glint is scaled incorrectly
  • MC-256917 - Death message from explosions by TNT and TNT minecarts that are not the cause of a player or another mob has changed
  • MC-256951 - TNT Minecarts don’t record what caused its explosion
  • MC-256961 - Multishot shoots projectiles backwards
  • MC-256990 - Superflat Worlds can use Disabled Blocks as part of their layers
  • MC-257102 - Missing Structure Block in creative tab
  • MC-257104 - “Lava” in gamerule.lavaSourceConversion is misspelled as “Lave”
  • MC-257118 - Buttons are placed different than pressure plates in Creative Inventory
  • MC-257234 - Applying bone meal to warped or crimson fungus crashes client on multiplayer

Get the snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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