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Minecraft Snapshot 19w12b

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

What is a bug? A miserable little pile of secrets! Luckily, we’re committed to cleaning up these piles as we continue to polish the 1.14 Village & Pillage update. This week’s snapshot focuses on quality of life changes for the dear villagers, like getting their beauty sleep or tending to their land.

But enough talk, have a snapshot!


  • Fixed bugs
  • Tweaked Iron Golem spawning
    • Spawn chance is slightly increased
    • It now requires 5 Villagers to gossip instead of 10
    • Villagers that are recently hurt by zombies have a higher chance of spawning an Iron Golem

We're actively looking for feedback regarding the changes to Iron Golem spawning.


  • MC-141155 - Structure block integrity solely dependent on structure location, integrity seed is ignored
  • MC-141484 - Entities stay on the global list even when the chunk unloaded
  • MC-145731 - Turning in boats causes extremely annoying frame issue
  • MC-145864 - Villagers see players in spectator
  • MC-146218 - Stuttering screen when spectating someone
  • MC-146244 - /clear removes item in cursor in creative mode even if it's not the item that should be cleared
  • MC-146246 - Crash when a conduit is activated
  • MC-146252 - You can no longer dye signs in survival mode
  • MC-146258 - Head in glass blacks out world in first person view


  • Tweaked Iron Golem spawning
  • Baby Villagers now play in villages
  • Villager AI and trade improvements
  • Cut sandstone and cut red sandstone is now available (including slabs)
  • Rewrote sound system
    • Reduces stutterings when playing sounds
  • Bugfixes


  • MC-41113 - /clear turns items held by mouse into ghost items
  • MC-50367 - Bad hit boxes and eye positions
  • MC-122885 - Attempting to backup a world with a path longer than 260 results in a crash
  • MC-137451 - Mobs heads rotate super quickly when looking around and at other entities
  • MC-137725 - Advancements not updated in 1.14 snapshots
  • MC-137761 - Loom model and placement is incorrect
  • MC-138220 - Random ticks occur while player is in spectator mode
  • MC-138491 - Crash when rendering a sign with the vanilla datapack disabled
  • MC-138580 - Adventure mode does not prevent dyeing signs
  • MC-138659 - Totem of Undying death animation model doesn't match with CustomModelData
  • MC-139440 - Illager banners can be copied
  • MC-139458 - Horse texture is sometimes translucent
  • MC-140354 - Evokers continue attacking nothing after target dies
  • MC-140409 - Scaffolding Texture
  • MC-141286 - Teleporting big distance freezes the server
  • MC-142466 - Book page flipping sound seems to only play on left or right channel depending on player's position
  • MC-143390 - Non-existing CatType summons an invisible cat
  • MC-143412 - Trader llamas do not join llama caravan unless a trader llama is the leader
  • MC-143736 - Trader llama actively attacks the zombie pigmans
  • MC-144501 - Horses drops two leather armor when killed
  • MC-144612 - Ender dragon fly incorrectly
  • MC-145668 - Front facing camera up/down directions are reversed in F5/third person
  • MC-145689 - Villagers never stop running after being attacked by a zombie
  • MC-145712 - Some villagers do not go to bed at night
  • MC-145732 - Villager trade experience changes based on what trade your looking at
  • MC-145744 - Villager AI pegs CPU at 100%, causes lag in 19w11a
  • MC-145787 - When entering a bed from the block next to it or while standing on it, the camera moves too far into the player model
  • MC-145802 - Enderman never attacking again once you put on creative mode and back to survival
  • MC-145817 - Villager lost their levels after becoming a zombie and getting cured
  • MC-145857 - Farmer villagers don't farm
  • MC-145872 - Villagers walk around their work stations and bell
  • MC-145925 - Realms button crash NoSuchMethodError: RealmsClientOutdatedScreen
  • MC-145956 - Breaking doors with villagers crashes the game
  • MC-145994 - Watching Server java.lang.Unsafe.park(Native Method)
  • MC-146005 - Suspicious stews sold by farmers have an extremely short effect


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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