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Minecraft Live 2023: The Minecraft Legends Recap

Minecraft Legends will get its biggest update since launch!

Minecraft Legends has let us fight alongside creepers, save the Overworld, and (most importantly to many) pet llamas! But the tale is not over quite yet. Craig Leigh joined us at this year's Minecraft Live to discuss how far Minecraft Legends has come as well as what’s coming up next.

In the first major update, released in August, we made some important changes and additions to the game, like custom campaigns and PvP, world waypoints, enhanced Banner View, improved pathfinding, and (my personal favorite  yes, you’re noticing a trend) petting animals. Heroes have also had the chance to test their skills in the Lost Legends, free challenges we’ve released every month, ranging from defeating waves of piglins to playing as a llama. 

Craig has revealed some exciting new features that are coming in Minecraft Legends’ second major update, its biggest one yet. In a ribbiting twist, heroes will now be able to hop into battle on the fearless frog, a brave mount that can swim faster and jump higher than any other steed. Plus, heroes will gain a new ally in battle: the mysterious witches, who are ready to use their potions against the piglins! And speaking of, the pesky piglets also have some surprises in store: the clanger, a very loud and unnervingly long piglin, alongside the air chopper, a very... slicy piglin structure that will push your units back with strong gusts of spore-filled air. Yes, it’s as fun (and gross) as it sounds!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Lost Legends in mid-November and early December, and the new update later this year! Check Minecraft.net, @legends_game, and our Discord for the latest news.

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