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Minecraft Earth Early Access

UPDATE: Now available in more countries!

UPDATE: Minecraft Earth Early Access is now available in all countries that have the App store and Google Play store. Go download it!

...and if your country isn't on the list yet, don't worry! We'll be updating it frequently in the coming weeks, so keep checking back.

Not familiar with Minecraft Earth? Click the Muddy Pig below to enjoy the latest trailer:

It’s about time Minecraft Earth started living up to the second word of its title. So you can now download the game for iOS and Android in all the countries listed at the top of the article. Scroll up! Seriously, scroll up. I'm not writing them out again. I'm busy trying to get a tappable here. Jeez.


Good point! That’s why over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing Minecraft Earth in early access in more and more countries across the globe. We’ll update this website whenever a new country is added, but you can also stay updated by following Minecraft Earth on Twitter, and keeping the Minecraft Earth page of this very website bookmarked.

So what’s in this early access release? You’ll be able to throw down a buildplate and create an interactive Minecraft diorama for all to enjoy. Stumble across tappables on your walk home, and get tapping to unlock resources and unique mobs. Craft and smelt your resources and collaborate with other builders to make masterpieces together. Put your survival skills to the test as you battle hostile mobs in adventures. Or just gaze lovingly at the flower-topped friend that is the Muddy Pig, only to finally look up and realise you’ve missed your bus. Worth it!

We’ll have a longer hands-on report with the game on the site soon!


Want to try Minecraft Earth, but your phone storage is too full of selfies? An understandable and relatable problem, but luckily you’ll soon be able to try the game without even unlocking your phone, by visiting a Microsoft Store and trying out a demo! Demos will be available in Microsoft stores throughout the US and Canada, as well as the stores in Sydney and London. We’ll have more to share about this soon.


When playing Minecraft Earth, staying safe should be your number one priority (with unlocking the Muddy Pig being a close second). Here’s a helpful safety video several Minecraft villagers kindly put together. Thanks chums!


We’ve updated our Minecraft Earth FAQ, and here’s a link to prove it!

Remember, stay updated by following Minecraft Earth on Twitter, and keeping the Minecraft Earth page of this very website bookmarked. Most importantly, enjoy the game! We can’t wait to see what you build with Minecraft in Augmented Reality and how you Minecraft your world. In fact, send your best creations to scoops@minecraft.net and we’ll feature our favourites on the site!

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