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Minecraft 1.20 Pre-Release 2

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

We are now releasing the second pre-release for Minecraft 1.20. This pre-release contains bug fixes.

Happy Mining!

Edit: We've now released 1.20 Pre-release 3, containing even more bug fixes.

Edit: We've now release 1.20 Pre-release 4, resolving a crash in the Multiplayer screen introduced in the last pre-release.

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-release 3

  • MC-121788 - Jump boost, slow falling and levitation don't apply to ridden horses, pigs or striders until after a relog
  • MC-152258 - Riding an entity with slow falling will not stop fall damage
  • MC-181280 - Incorrect textures can sometimes be displayed
  • MC-259912 - Saddled horses can infinitely retain Levitation effect
  • MC-260653 - Markers, interaction, and display entities can prevent pressure plates from deactivating
  • MC-260903 - Less recent attacker can be credited for kill
  • MC-261202 - Teleporting a display entity jitters the player riding on the stack
  • MC-262324 - Teleporting a mob while riding it doesn't work well
  • MC-262505 - Iron golems can produce particles for blocks they're not colliding with
  • MC-262593 - The word "occurred" is misspelled as "occured" within two realms strings
  • MC-262684 - Game icon has low resolution
  • MC-262709 - Dispensers do not dispense boats at the correct height
  • MC-262712 - Alternative recipes in recipe book do not appear on right-click
  • MC-262714 - The "key.keyboard.unknown" string displayed within the key binds menu is improperly capitalized

Technical Changes in 1.20 Pre-release 2

  • Game will now display message box on startup if user enabled text-to-speech functionality, but it is not available
  • "item": "minecraft:air" can now be used in datapack recipes to denote an ingredient that will match an empty slot.
    • The following recipe types, however, do not allow for an empty ingredient:
      • minecraft:crafting_shaped
      • minecraft:crafting_shapeless
      • minecraft:smelting
      • minecraft:blasting
      • minecraft:smoking
      • minecraft:campfire_cooking
      • minecraft:stonecutting

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-release 2

  • MC-1310 - Dispensed boats and rafts get stuck inside of dispensers used to place them
  • MC-124327 - Changing the name of an item and then emptying the text field in an anvil doesn't make the rename unavailable, keeps last non-empty name on output item
  • MC-132076 - Lowercase Letters in controls menu + "Not Bound" is missing
  • MC-159633 - Command feedback messages are unnecessarily created during function execution
  • MC-165562 - Command suggestion report "incorrect argument" when cursor is at the start of a node without suggestions
  • MC-175504 - Single quotation marks are not supported in NBT paths
  • MC-220096 - Graphics warning button(s) improperly capitalized
  • MC-224976 - NativeImage.setPixelRGBA throws exception with message getPixelRGBA
  • MC-226344 - Changing the "Owner" tag of a projectile doesn't affect the outcome of the projectile unless the world is reloaded
  • MC-237960 - New potion effect GUI doesn't work when using Programmer Art
  • MC-250197 - Glass bottles are inconsistently referred to throughout some advancement description strings
  • MC-252216 - 65540: Invalid scancode -1 logged in key bind menu when an option is unbound
  • MC-252408 - Chat restriction strings consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-256833 - Ridable entities that can be steered build up fall damage when on climbable blocks
  • MC-257052 - You cannot double-click on languages within the "Language" menu to select them
  • MC-257370 - Buckets of fish are not sorted in the same order as the fish items
  • MC-257512 - Dead tube coral in creative inventory is in wrong order
  • MC-258360 - Horse armor loses its NBT data when equipped on horses via right-clicking
  • MC-258461 - The "Detect structure size and position:" string displayed within the structure block GUI is improperly capitalized
  • MC-260468 - Wither rose is not grouped with other small flowers in the creative inventory
  • MC-260602 - 'data modify from string' index failure does not return 0 for 'execute store success'
  • MC-260711 - Some words within "/datapack list" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260712 - Some words within "/scoreboard" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260713 - Some words within "/team" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260715 - Some words within "/bossbar" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260716 - Some words within "/fill", "/fillbiome", and "/clone" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-261024 - /execute if loaded does not guarantee entities are loaded
  • MC-261080 - Player can fall through scaffolding when loading a world
  • MC-261233 - Minecart movement is not reliably detected by sculk sensors
  • MC-261349 - Chiseled Bookshelf won't rotate when placed as part of a structure
  • MC-261433 - Shield doesn't block TNT explosion
  • MC-261816 - Most two block tall flowers do not block enchanting tables / are part of #minecraft:replaceable
  • MC-261988 - Inconsistency with Mangrove Roots and Leaves in the Creative Tab
  • MC-262033 - The command block GUI remains open when the said command block is destroyed
  • MC-262106 - Smithing recipe must have template to work
  • MC-262135 - Recipe book GUI is positioned incorrectly
  • MC-262181 - NBSP is a valid invisible character that can be used to rename items to have blank names
  • MC-262213 - Baby sniffer's head is smaller on the first frame of existing
  • MC-262310 - Telemetry description strings consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-262311 - The "telemetry.event.game_load_times.description" string is missing an article before the word "execution"
  • MC-262355 - Death messages for falling from climbable blocks do not work
  • MC-262440 - Sniffers can sniff while in love and pathfinding to their lover
  • MC-262441 - Baby sniffers stand a bit too far away from players that are tempting them
  • MC-262445 - The text cursor no longer renders above text
  • MC-262446 - Text within buttons renders above the semi-transparent black lines at the edges of menus
  • MC-262471 - Random skylight underwater where it shouldn't be, that cuts off at the chunk border
  • MC-262506 - Parts of beds render through the alternative recipe GUI in the recipe book
  • MC-262508 - Torchflower_crop causes the game to crash and locks the world when pollinated by bees
  • MC-262518 - The "mco.configure.world.uninvite.player" string contains an unnecessary space before the question mark
  • MC-262531 - "death.attack.genericKill.player" displays raw translation string (is untranslated)

Get the Pre-release

Pre-release are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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