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Watch the team answer your questions!

As you might have heard, we're changing things up with MINECON this year to make sure it's the most inclusive event yet. You can read all about it here, on our special MINECON page, but the short version is that we're creating an amazing 90 minute show, livestreamed to every corner of the globe. Do globes have corners? They do in Minecraft!

On top of that, we're partnering up with a bunch of good folks to bring you Official Minecraft Community Events, so that you can find and physically attend Minecraft meet-ups using your actual body and limbs! Amazing!

We know you have questions about this new format (and many of them are about capes), so we locked Jens, Vu, Lydia and Moira in a room and told them they couldn't come out until they'd answered them.

* takes legal advice *

I regret my previous statement and wish to clarify that the room was not locked and they were free to leave at any time and the creepy clown puppet issuing cryptic instructions exists purely for decorative purposes.

Anyway, watch the video above to find out more!

Marsh Davies
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