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Halloween comes to Minecraft Marketplace

Get your spine-chilling content, if you dare!

Boo! No, wait! Come back! That’s my bad, I should be more mindful of what a spooky month it’s been. A few hauntings here, some new monsters there, and an entire Spooky Fall event in an already terrifying game. There are still some blood-curdling surprises left, but since I’ve already given you a jump scare I’ll just tell you what to expect from the haunted house that is the Minecraft Marketplace!

There will be Halloween Collections in both Character Creator and Marketplace swooping in, so keep an eye out for that while the other eye is steadily trained on the shadow over there in that corner. Did it move? No. I’m sure it’s fine, let’s stay focused. *Ahem* There will also be a free Character Creator item and a free Halloween skin pack, but make sure to snap them up now because it will get a premium price tag after the spooky season is over on November 2.

For all you creators out there, use the “Halloween” tag to showcase all of your creepy, crawly creations! 

Jeepers, that shadow definitely moved this time. While I prepare for another night of ghost hunting/sobbing, you should probably escape and head right over to the totally not haunted Marketplace!

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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