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Free add-on: 15 Year Party Supplies

Free party add-ons

DAY 7: Bring the celebration to the Overworld!

SURPRISE!!!!!!! I must admit, writing it out is a bit less impactful than jumping out from behind a sofa, screaming. Still, it’s a big day full of surprises because we’ve stuffed as many new add-ons into Minecraft Marketplace as possible, including some free ones! If you don’t know what add-ons are, they are a very much like confetti, because you can sprinkle these custom blocks, items, recipes, mobs, and more onto any Minecraft world to add extra oomph to your gameplay! 

Speaking of confetti – there’s are a party supplies add-ons pack by Oreville Studios with literal confetti that you can download for free right now. Ah, we should turn 15 more often!

Free add-on: 15 Year Party Supplies

With Minecraft turning 15, us writers thought it’d be nice if we threw a big surprise party in the Overworld! After months of procrastinating planning, we got to work doing what writers do best – doubt ourselves decorate, only to get interrupted by a scream of horror from Per Landin.  

“Did we forget the party hats?!?”

Cristina immediately scanned the packing list for typos – perhaps we had packed party bats instead? Then the horrifying truth dawned on us: there are no party hats in the Overworld.

Until now! Because with the free 15 Year Party Supplies add-ons by Oreville Studios you can easily add party hats and other essentials into any of your worlds. We’re talking confetti, birthday cakes, party banners, and many other party props. Our team has already been given an official warning for our liberal use of confetti at the office, but in the Overworld, there’s no stopping us. We are actually busy planning another party to celebrate the arrival of the party supplies. Let’s just hope that somebody packed spoons. Hang on-

Check out the many new add-ons  

Now that you’ve got the party hats, let’s browse through some of the other new add-ons you can throw into the mix. Remember – it’s your party, and you create chaos if you want to! 

PAID ADD-ON: Furniture by XP Games

With 1000+ functional furniture and decorations, you should be able to find some tables for your friends to dance on or snazzy lamps to set the vibe.

PAID ADD-ON: Farming by Podcrash

If dinner parties are more your thing, this add-on will add 160+ variations of drinks, dishes, crops, trees, and mobs to your repertoire.

PAID ADD-ON: Security by 4KS

Psst! I got word of your super-secret party, and even though you set a strict “no-creepers-policy", I suggest you up the security to maximum with new monitors, surveillance cameras, keycards, and more.  

PAID ADD-ON: World Utilities by Gamefam

Hear the word “party” and want to sprint in the other direction? Then the new items and abilities in World Utilities by Gamefam will make life as a recluse a piece of birthday cake. From the explosive pickaxe to the End frame breaker or the all-in-one shovel, pickaxe, and axe, your chances of survival will highly increase. Apart from at parties, I guess.  

Today’s free Character Creator item

What goes better with a party hat than some puff sleeves made of fluffy sheep? Eh, multicolored ones, of course! This Character Creator item is actually a replica of what I wear every day to work, apart from laundry day. Join my wool-some team by heading to the Dressing Room to get your free Fluffy Fleece Character Creator item right this second. 

Today was certainly party-hat-shaped, but what will shape tomorrow is still a surprise! Check Minecraft.net daily so you don’t miss out on the rest of the 15-year celebrations.  

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