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Exploring the End Wilds

A sneak peek at Echoing Void’s new mission!

From void-safariing and shulker-dodging, to End City-spelunking and elytra-soaring – the End dimension is coming to Minecraft Dungeons, and with it, the conclusion of the Orb of Dominance storyline. It is safe to say that Echoing Void, Minecraft Dungeons’ next DLC launching on July 28, might be our toughest challenge so far. 

Besides binge-playing all the previous chapters, heroes should do well to prepare for the journey ahead to avoid making it a one-way trip. To help with this, we brought on Matt Dunthorne, lead game designer at Double Eleven, and had him reveal more about the development of Minecraft’s most deadly dimension in general, and the End Wilds in particular. Take it away, Matt! 

Thank you! Bringing the End over to Minecraft Dungeons has been on the table since the very beginning! We knew we wanted to recreate it in Minecraft Dungeons, but when we sat down to plan it out, we quickly identified a few needs. One amazing thing with vanilla Minecraft is the ability to explore endless amounts of terrain, and in a realm like the End it can be a huge thrill. 

In Minecraft Dungeons however, we need a world that is hand-crafted and densely packed with mobs, so together with Mojang Studios, we did a bit of a “refresh” in the same vein as Flames of the Nether – something that would be instantly familiar to anyone who had ever ventured through an End Portal, but with more materials, plant life, structures, and opponents. 


The End Wilds is the first other-worldly mission you face after making the trip through the End Portal. It is set out on a series of broken-up landmasses floating in – surprise, surprise – the Void! Does it echo? Well, you won’t know until you’re there, falling into the deep dark. Last one in is a rotten Ender Dragon egg! 

The goal of this Echoing Void mission is to find an End Gateway that will take you closer to the core of the dimension. However, that is easier said than done as you will have to fight through not only new opponents like the Enderlings, but also illagers who have entered the End for their own sinister intentions.  

Your journey will take you through crumbling gardens, chorus forests, and shattered islands, but also into familiar structures such as a grand, shulker-infested End City and several End Ships. In short, a perfect tourist trap, with emphasis on trap. Thanks, Matt! 

No problem! End Wilds is filled with environmental hazards like void blocks and void liquid that not just cause damage, but inflict a debuff called “Voided”, which multiplies all incoming damage. Prolonged contact with these is a one-way ticket to defeat!  

We have also turned the shulker’s bullets into an opportunity to add new puzzles to the missions. Players will have to hold off from defeating them straight away and instead lead their levitation-debuffing homing bullets through the halls of the End City and into special contraptions powered by them. Another new gameplay feature is elytra flying. As many Minecraft players already know, this item allows you to soar through the air. In Dungeons, you do this between the platforms that separate islands from each other. You can find barrels filled with fireworks throughout the mission to use to catch a ride high up into the air on the back of a rocket. Once the rocket explodes, players are free to glide high above the oblivious mobs below.  

My favourite thing about this feature is the elytra dive, which allows players to dive straight down and slam into the ground with a powerful boom, sending mobs caught in it flying in every direction. I think players are going to have a lot of fun with this DLC! 


Echoing Void and the additional free update both arrive on July 28. See you on the other side of the End portal, heroes!

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