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An image of a Forza Horizon 5 player character wearing an Enderman head-shaped helmet. On the right half of the image, there is a green background with the text "DAY 9" on it.

Casual games get a Minecraft makeover

DAY 9: Solitaire, Mahjong and Forza Horizon 5 join the celebration

We're already at day 9 and it’s time to mix it up! The celebration is spreading beyond Minecraft and other games are getting in on the anniversary fun. First off, we have the less blocky – more speedy, car racing game Forza Horizon 5, adding two new Minecraft-y special edition cosmetic items into their game, inspired by two iconic mobs. To return the favor, we also have a Forza- inspired treat to wear in Minecraft... Read on to find out more details about all these thrilling new items and how to get them!

But it doesn’t end there! Did you know that Microsoft was making games way before the Xbox came out? Solitaire! Mahjong! That other one I can't remember the name of! Well, these two timeless classics are rocking a new pixel art look. Not only are there unique cards, but there are new Minecraft themed collections, tiles, and playing boards for you to play, Overworld style!  

Forza Horizon and Minecraft collide! 

3, 2, 1... GO! Are you ready for some fierce Forza frenzy to join the world of Minecraft? As mentioned, Forza Horizon 5 is getting not one but two exclusive Minecraft-inspired cosmetic items. What could cosmetic items from a car racing game be, you wonder? Well, helmets of course! You can now go full pedal to the metal in an Aston Martin rocking a slick ink-black Enderman brain bucket. Will it teleport you to safety if you’re about to head into a lake? Who knows! You can also ssss-lide around the corners in an Alfa Romeo wearing a functional fashionable sparkly green creeper helmet. As fashion choices go it’s really a hiss or miss. Forza Horizon 5 is available on desktop and Xbox and both cosmetic items are available to redeem via the Gift Tab in your message center until December 31, 2024. 

Having sprinkled some Minecrafty flair into Forza, we just HAD to add some motorsports magic to Minecraft! Giving you all – the Forza TANK Hoodie! Inspired by the beloved mascot of the Forza Horizon community, the precious little figure, TANK!  Whether you’re riding in a boat or on a camel, you’ll definitely feel like you’re going faster with the Forza TANK Hoodie. Grab this Character Creator item from the Minecraft Dressing Room from today until June 23, 2024.

Solitaire and Mahjong á la Minecraft!  

As a nineties-kid myself I fondly remember being on the family computer, ending the day with a mind-easing excitement-filled round of Solitaire. The absolute thrill at the end when all the cards matched up and flew out on the screen like rectangular fireworks! A feeling not unlike the thrill I got the first time I creeper exploded near me, only that’s a “firework” I’d rather watch from VERY far away. Anyway! In these new snazzy stacks of cards, we have Steve looking regal as the King of Clubs and the zombie zombie-ing nicely as a Jack of Spades. The Queen of Hearts's spot goes to Efe, sword at the ready to keep that zombie at bay when you put it on top.  

For Mahjong we have a similar set-up but instead of decked out cards, you get pixel art tiles! Tiles of skeletons, pillagers, blocky heroes, and cutes-y mobs (bats, foxes, pigs!) all waiting to be matched up to unlock more tiles and maximize your score.  

Keen to give it a go?  You can play Microsoft Solitaire on desktop, phone, or Xbox; Mahjong is playable on mobile. 

Today’s free Character Creator item 

Craa! They flapped their way into our hearts in the 2017 1.12 Update, making us feel like mighty pirates every time they hopped on our shoulders. The charming, colorful, and playful parrots are now moving to... our feet! Re-spawned as the coziest thing you can wear – fluffy slippers! You heard right, adorable Parrot Slippers are now up for grabs, all you need to do is launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from 10am PST / 7pm CET, and slide into the Dressing Room to get yours.  

That’s it for today folks! Put your parrot slipper-adorned feet up and enjoy the ride because we’ve got six more days brimming with surprises. Remember to check Minecraft.net daily so you don’t miss out! How will you shape your world using all these new additions? 

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