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A photo of the LEGO Brickerite Ore block. Ont he right side, "DAY 10" is written on a green background.

Build your core Minecraft memories IRL with LEGO Minecraft

DAY 10: Join Minecraft creators in reminiscing over 15 years of adventures!

We all have a favorite Minecraft memory – like stumbling upon a woodland mansion for the first time. And maybe a least favorite memory – like discovering what’s inside the woodland mansion. Without spoiling anything, it’s not exactly the rustic bed & breakfast I expected. The Minecraft universe is a chaotic one, filled with twists at every turn. On the eighth day of our anniversary celebration, we’ve teamed up with LEGO to invite you, our community, to reminisce over core Minecraft memories with real-life builds. 

We’ve sent a group of Minecraft creators a mysterious package, containing an even more mysterious item that only exists in real life: the LEGO Brickerite ore block. When mined, this special block reveals all the LEGO Minecraft bricks required for IRL builds that recreate notable Minecraft moments, from the wholesome to the breathtaking and the... unfortunate. Are you eager to watch them smash the Brickerite ore block and bring their core Minecraft memories to life? Keep an eye on these creators: Cara aka CaptainPuffy, frogcrafting, Sylvee, and TrixyBlox

But you have your own Minecraft stories, too – and we want to see them! Whether you can still feel the sting of losing your inventory to a lava lake or the glory of defeating the Ender Dragon for the first time, your core Minecraft memories are precious, so why not immortalize them with some LEGO bricks? Take a photo and share your creation on LEGO Ideas so you can reminisce together with the builder community!  

Need more building materials to bring your sprawling clifftop mansion to life? Check out the Cherry Blossom Garden and the Ender Dragon and End Ship set or browse more options on the LEGO Minecraft page

Today’s free Character Creator item

Speaking of core memories, remember when Update Aquatic introduced both turtles and phantoms? I’d never thought I could cry tears of joy while hyperventilating with dread. Thankfully, this Coral Blouse only features a serene seabed covered in colorful coral! I gazed upon this glorious garment and, for one second, forgot about the phantom’s audacity to simply exist. Want to join in on my delusion? Look for the blouse in a Dressing Room near you! The one in Bedrock Edition, of course – we don’t have the technology to deliver real clothes straight to your closet. Maybe one day! 

And that concludes day ten of our celebration! We’re officially in the double digits but still have new ways to shape your world up our sleeves. Keep returning to Minecraft.net each day for more surprises, all guaranteed** to be moderately to very pleasant! 

*Discounts may vary by region. Limited time promotion; availability varies by platform. 

**Not actually guaranteed, surprises are notoriously subjective. 



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