Image of an abandoned building that looks like it could be a research facility, surrounded by snowy mountains

Build Challenge: Abandoned Arctic Outpost

Snow: it’s both majestic and the perfect place for spooky things. It’s been the backdrop for many classic horror films, can tumble down mountains covering everything in its path, and is also a fun place for activities like skiing or snowboarding.

For this challenge, participants were asked to build an abandoned arctic/Antarctic research facility. The build needed to be of a decent size and participants were required to work alone.

So, which creations had us shaking in our snow boots?

1st place: ChomChom

ChomChom’s submission takes us out into the arctic tundra, where things look really desolate and a bit eerie too. Makes you wonder what lurks out there when the sun goes down!

2nd place: sander

With sander’s entry, the fog has rolled in and dialed up the creepiness-factor to 11. You can almost hear the frigid wind howling past your ear. 

3rd place: kill_Switch

In their own words, kill_Switch’s submission is “an exploration ship stuck in ice that had been abandoned. The crew escaped the boat and camped outside, suffering through the harsh cold before getting rescued.” This submission was inspired by the Endurance expedition to the Antarctic. 

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Lindsey S.
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Lindsey S.