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15th Anniversary Collection

DAY 5: Nab some limited-edition loot!

I may not be a fashion icon, but I do try! For once, it would be so nice for someone to ask me “Who are you wearing?” and not “What are you wearing?!” Well, my days of justifying my fashion choices are over because the Minecraft 15th Anniversary Collection is here!   

To celebrate Minecraft’s 15th birthday in fitting attire, we’re releasing a very special, limited-edition collection of merch in a variety of styles and never-before-seen designs, exclusive to the Minecraft Shop. Now, imagine you’re watching a runway show and read on... 

Limited Loot collection 

The Limited Loot collection introduces – for the first time ever – T-shirts featuring stunning, never before worn Minecraft concept art! Wear beautifully drawn environments and get lost in the beauty of Minecraft’s biomes whenever you look in the mirror. Just remember to walk away... eventually.

Gamertag jerseys

Show that you belong to team Minecraft with a custom jersey! Whether you’ve been with us since day one or are a newbie crafter, you’re part of our team. Customize your jersey with your own gamertag and game on! You can even wear it while playing sports, if that’s your thing. 

Throwback letterman jacket 

Wear your adventures on your sleeves with this letterman design, featuring a variety of patches inspired by the most iconic parts of the game – including the chicken, obviously.

Bomber jacket 

Don’t want to shout your love for Minecraft from the rooftops? Whisper it at street level with this sleek bomber jacket that commemorates 15 years of Minecraft in a more subdued way.  

Vintage band tee 

Nothing says “I was there” like a weathered band T-shirt, so celebrate 15 years of haunting soundtracks and muffled zombie groans with the band tee! Perfect to wear while you go on and on and on about your music disc collection. It just sounds better coming from a Minecraft jukebox, you know? 

Today’s free Character Creator item 

It’s about time we tipped our hats to the great redstone engineer community by giving them a... coat! It doesn’t matter if you struggle to set up a basic fireworks show (speaking from experience) or don’t even know what redstone is – you can still pull off the Redstone Coat. Just like I can still use my server buddy’s contraptions even though I didn’t build them. Thanks, Greg! To claim the Redstone Coat, just launch Bedrock Edition and head to the Dressing Room after 10am PST/7pm CET.

Five days into the celebration and we’re already re-shaping the fashion world as we know it. Paris, here we come! But before we do that, there are still 10 days of surprises to come. Check back daily at Minecraft.net and discover them all! 

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