Realms Plus: June

Realms Plus: June

Experience the outdoors, indoors!

June is an excellent month, not just because it’s my birthday (nudge nudge) nor because it’s the start of proper summer here in Sweden, but because there are 33 new pieces of content coming to Realms Plus this month! So grab your marshmallows, your sun screen and follow me, because you’ve just stepped into imaginary summer camp and your itinerary is jam-packed with galloping unicorns, flying planes, riding motocycles, and more this June!


Scout Camp

by Pixelbiester

In Scout Camp by Pixelbiester you can spend your day fishing, hiking or taking part in my favorite summer past-time: napping! I’ve only been to one summer camp before, and I’m sure they had rules like “don’t steal the tractors”, or “forest animals can’t be tamed, you’re not a princess from a movie”. Well guess what friends, there are no such rules in Scout Camp! Plough your way through fields in a Harvester, romp around in a jeep and tame all the cute animals you can find. Climb mountains by day and grab your friends and tell scary stories around the bonfire by night (I’m sure your new squirrel friends will come listen, too!)

For more tamable forest friends, don’t miss Unicorns by Mine-North! All the fun of the outdoors, from the comfort of your coziest chair! Now that’s my kind of summer.


Warden Warriors

by GoE-Craft

Speaking of spooky tales, where better to get your inspiration than the deep dark? And how better to scare your friends than sneaking up to them in your very own enormous warden skin? In Warden Warriors by GoE-Craft you can swap your normally cheerful smile for a terrifying grimace, and your diamond armor for an eerie, glowing chest! With 8 new mighty mob skins to choose from, your friends won’t forget you sneaking up on them in the dark like that, but grill them a s’more  and they might just forgive you. And if they don’t, try making them laugh by donning a skin or two from Memes! If that’s not enough, then why not play imposter with the We Among Us skin pack, or become a water bender with Elemental Teens

And for something cuter, weirder or simply more pink, don’t miss Retro TV Heads, Pretty in Pink 2 or Flower Girls!


Element One Block Challenge

by Sandbox Network

It wouldn’t be summer camp without activities, and instead of tackling my personal nemesis: tree-top trapeze, we’re going to do something much, much more dangerous. In Element One Block Challenge, not only do you have to mine all of your resources from the block beneath you (yay! Digging straight down!) but you also need to build bridges to elemental islands and defeat the six terrifying bosses that prowl there. If you win you get rewarded with some really cute pets, so it’s definitely worth it!

For more adventurous worlds this month, don’t miss Aquatic World and Ninjas and Dragons by HorizonBlocks, or Papercraft 2: City Project by Jigarbov Productions! And if you’re in it for the pets and the pets alone, then a) same friend, and b) you’re going to want to check out: Pocket Pets by Mine-North, Mob Pets by Cyclone and Dragon Pets & Pals by Everbloom Games!


Extreme Survival: Mega Blocks

by Razzleberries

If you thought the adrenaline-pumping activities were over, then you were wrong. In this metaphorical summer camp, you need all the bravery you can muster, because we’re doing something called Extreme Survival next, and let me tell you: Razzleberries wasn’t kidding! This adventure reimagines your Overworld as giant, floating blocks that you get to explore. Delve into the inner workings of a note block, explore a mega chest, or test your mettle and dive into a TNT block (just don’t startle any creepers!)

For more ways to change the look of your Overworld this month, don’t miss these four incredible texture packs: Spirited Blocks, Chroma Hills HD, Rainbow Craft and Super Heroes Texture Pack! And for more sky-high fun, check out Skyblock Hardcore by ChewMingo, Giant Chest Skyblock by Pickaxe Studios and Galaxy Skyblock by Volcano!


Grid Runners Pro

by Noxcrew

Would it be a fun summer camp without some friendly competition? No, it wouldn’t! And where better to test your mettle than Grid Runners Pro as you craft, build, fight and parkour your way to victory! Take on unique challenge rooms and compete with your friends (or against the clock) to become the ultimate champion! Despite being clumsy in real life I am surprisingly nimble when it comes to blocky challenges of coordination, like the skills needed to complete Glitch Runner: Endless Parkour! Unless of course there are zombies chasing me, in which case I panic and forget to hit the jump button… but that’s a story for another time!



by Spark Universe

Seeing as this metaphorical summer camp of ours has already included enough dangerous activities to get me banned from ever running a real camp, we might as well double down and take to the skies! In Planes by Spark Universe, you don’t need a pilot’s license to soar between the clouds, you can just go ahead and try it! (Perhaps that’s why this adventure includes 11 safety vehicles? I digress…) Fly from city to city as you visit local and international airports in 10+ different planes! 

Seeing as the June forecast for Sweden is mixed, I think I’ll take myself off to Penguin Paradise by Imagiverse, which is set on a penguin-filled tropical island. If you prefer to keep your blocky legs on the ground, then you can still speed around your Overworld this month in Luxury Car Dealership by Octovon and Motorbikes by Everbloom Games!


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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to dream of campfires and smores and summer fun and definitely, definitely not about accidentally exploding the TNT block from Extreme Survival. See you next month, friends!

Sophie Austin
Sophie Austin


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