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Since 2014, Mojang has provided Minecraft: Java Edition mapmakers a venue for publishing their adventures, minigames, and more, within Realms.

The content library on Realms is curated. This means that we’ll look over submissions, select the ones that are the most functional and fun, and may provide feedback and assistance in order to help you publish the best possible version of your maps.

Your content is yours. Most creators choose to publish their maps widely, on forums, other mapmaking sites, or even on Minecraft Marketplace. Realms is an additional option for you to have your content seen by a large audience and to be featured on As long as the map meets the submission guidelines, you may submit any content that you’d like to Realms; there is no exclusivity required.

We currently publish the following categories of content:

  • Minigames - Short, self-contained, and repeatable game modes.
  • World Templates - A way for players to start a new survival game with something extra, such as a castle or a village.
  • Adventures - Longer experiences, meant to be played from start to finish.
  • Experience - Maps without a defined goal, like a theme park.
  • Inspiration - Visually informative creations designed to inspire potential builders.

Maps featured on Realms must be complete, bug-free, and most importantly, fun! Creators must follow the submission guidelines and agree to the Realms Map Publishing Agreement.

Once you’re ready to submit, head to the Minecraft Realms subredditand click the Submit a Map button. When your map has been reviewed by the Minecraft Content Team, you’ll get feedback posted on that submission by a content coordinator. If accepted into the Realms Content Creator Program, you’ll also get a message with details on how to access the Atlas submission portal and the creator group chat.

If you want to level up your mapmaking game, check out the Marketplace Partner Program. Many creators first featured on Java Realms have also become Marketplace partners, creating new, full-time jobs for their teams.

Good luck!