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Minecraft Snapshot 19w03c

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

Can you think of anything in this world that's as exciting as the existence of compost? No. You can't. Which is why we've included it in this week's snapshot. You're welcome!

Changes in 19w03c

  • Bugfix

Changes in 19w03b

  • Bugfixes

Changes in 19w03a

  • Added the Compost
  • Added Barrel sounds
  • Added Grindstone sounds
  • Added Sweet Berry Bush sounds
  • Added placement and break sounds for crops and Netherwart
  • Added sounds for Blast Furnace and Smoker
  • Changed Campfire model and texture
  • Fixed bugs


  • Instead of eating your veggies you can make fertilizer from it!
  • Crafted with 3 planks and 4 fences.

Fixed bugs in 19w03c

  • MC-142521 - Players are invisible and do not interact with the world normally

Fixed bugs in 19w03b

  • MC-140950 - Armor on player or entities is misaligned
  • MC-140961 - Villager and zombie villager babies have no profession
  • MC-140969 - Villager/zombie villager clothes remain visible when villager is invisible
  • MC-140991 - Breaking an observer with a bell attached does not break the bell
  • MC-141101 - Bell turns into double_wall state when updated with a noteblock
  • MC-141253 - Zombie villagers in certain biomes don't spawn with their biome specific skins
  • MC-142114 - Joining the world outside of the spawn chunks results in client side desync
  • MC-142368 - Arrows, trident and shulker bullets get stuck in air
  • MC-142376 - Mobs do not move
  • MC-142394 - Some entities don't show fire particles when they burning
  • MC-142401 - Some entities have an incorrect hitbox
  • MC-142430 - Red and brown mushroom blocks cannot be used in the compost
  • MC-142465 - Composters cannot be pushed via pistons

Fixed bugs in 19w03a

  • MC-138530 - Crash when clicking on 'Minecraft Realms' button
  • MC-139975 - Hover/click events in books are vertically misaligned by about a third of a row of text
  • MC-141036 - Game crashes when shift-clicking a newly named item out of an anvil
  • MC-141730 - /data remove-ing multiple elements from a list skips every other match in sub-sequence
  • MC-141814 - /data modify can create corrupt NBT lists (crashes)
  • MC-141815 - Using /data modify to replace all list values with a different type wipes the list
  • MC-141879 - Flame animation in GUI's is darkened
  • MC-141882 - Wrong capitalization on "Take book' button
  • MC-141883 - Some shortcuts don't work in the "Survival Inventory" tab of the creative inventory
  • MC-141890 - Death by campfire is discovering the floor is lava?
  • MC-141923 - Client Crash: java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error
  • MC-141946 - Shulker boxes lose their name after being broken
  • MC-141991 - Top of lectern is a solid face
  • MC-142043 - Unlit campfire creates smoke particles in the rain
  • MC-142081 - Game crashes while reading lectern and adjusting window size (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener already listening)
  • MC-142197 - Written books with change_page event only update the book client side

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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