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A player on a block mid-air

Let’s Play: OneBlock Lucky Block

Will our luck run out in Honeyfrost’s map?

ARGHHH! Ahem, sorry about that. I usually try not to open these posts with screaming. But then, I don’t usually start a new Marketplace map only to find myself trapped on a single block in the sky, with nothing but the endless gaping abyss for company. What’s all the more frustrating is I can see several lovely islands that look like a treat to explore - but they’re all too far away!  

So, to reiterate my earlier point, ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.

This is OneBlock Lucky Block by Honeyfrost, a Marketplace map we’re covering as part of our surely-beloved regular series Marketplace Mondays! Except it’s going to be an extra short entry this week because my options are A) Fall off this block into eternal nothingness, or B) Live out the rest of my days standing on this block. I’m leaning towards A… 

But wait! It turns out this isn’t the cruelest Minecraft map of all time. OneBlock is actually a popular genre of Minecraft map. You spawn on a single block, far from the fun, but it’s no ordinary block. Whenever you mine it, it’s automatically replaced with another block! Sometimes a dirt block, sometimes a chest full of loot, sometimes with this very confused cow:

Here’s a list of some of the random stuff that spawned when I mined this block: 

  • A toilet 
  • A television 
  • A creeper who looked like the warden (it blew up before I could take a screenshot - rude) 
  • A dragon. OK then. 
  • A bed. When I tried to sleep in it, I received a manual on how to craft a selection of fifty different cars. Uh… huh? 
  • A shower - what’s the game trying to imply? >: ( 
  • Several blocks that I could use to escape my current predicament 

Hang on, that last one sounds useful!

Slowly, very s l o w l y, I gather enough blocks to make my escape. And not a moment too soon. I keep gazing into the abyss and it keeps gazing back into me. Yes, I know my hair has seen better days, the abyss. I’m going to use that shower once I’m on steady ground. Get off my case. 

Still, I’m definitely making progress! 

Or at least I was, until I spawned this hurricane:

Dying in a hurricane was a slight setback. But my luck started to change when I kept mining the block and got myself a plane! I hopped in and after only briefly nearly flying into the abyss a few times (doesn’t matter how many, stop living in the past), I managed to fly to one of the islands. Score!

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been living on a lone block for too long, but this island seems to have everything! Palm trees, mystery blocks, a merchant willing to sell me Totems of Undying, and a MASSIVE pyramid to explore.  

One I probably should have explored with a little more caution, as there’s a boss fight lurking inside it:

It takes a lot of sword swings and death-defying totems, but I manage to defeat the Almighty Crayfish! I forgot to take a screenshot so you’ll just have to trust me that I totally did this, even though I’m’s most dishonest writer (but that’s just because of all my millions of un-Minecraft-related lies, so don’t worry). 

Much as I enjoy being terrorized by killer crustaceans, I think it’s about time I explored another island. Anyone see where I parked my plane?

I land on a much hotter island, hoping to work on my tan. Unfortunately, I get a slightly more intense tan than I was hoping for when a Blaze attacks me! 

Thinking fast, I jump into a nearby Nether portal, where I’m greeted by a weeping Ghast. Thinking fast (and smarter this time) I hop back into the Nether portal and return to the fiery island. I don’t think this one’s my cup of burning hot tea. Even the good guys on this island give me the creeps. Like this one:

But that’s the beauty of this. If you don’t like an island, you can just try another! 

I worry this post is starting to get a bit ‘and then’-y. As in, my adventure stops being a coherent narrative and instead becomes me saying ‘and then I did this, and then I did that, and then I did…’ etc.  

But that’s how a great OneBlock map should work! You start with a ridiculous amount of disadvantages, trapped on a lone block in the sky, and then your persistence is rewarded with a joyous toybox of school buses, mechs, and hateful crayfish. Played in multiplayer, with you and your friends competing to escape your blocks and get to the good stuff first, will clearly be a chaotic joy.

There’s plenty here to unpack for a solo player, mind. Mysterious diaries, a nasty bestiary of hostile mobs that seem to have been getting warden-y makeovers from their stylists, and so many more intriguing islands that are tantalizingly out of reach. When was the last time you mined a block in Minecraft with no idea what would happen next? Try OneBlock Lucky Block by Honeyfrost and find out!

Speaking of which, I just mined one and got myself a creeper. One that’s currently flashing, so I should probably wrap this up. See you next month! I hope?

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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