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Image of a true green background with the words SKIN DESIGN CHALLENGE to the left and below it the words "This Month's Theme: Fall Fashion" and to the right a blank grey blocky figure with its left arm raised.

Monthly Skins: Fall Fashion

In honor of the release of the Burberry x Minecraft collection and map, it was only fitting that our monthly skin challenge for November be all about fall fashion. Let’s check out these wonderfully fashionable skins!

Kicking things off is ParrotNoName and their submission. We love the buttons on the front of the coat!

Indigo Ice’s submission had us wanting to go explore the woods. Look how cute those marshmallows are!

Bruce’s submission really had us feeling a chill in the air. 

This skin from Coeluss really delivered the fall vibes with the tan trench coat and autumn-inspired scarf. 

AtomicWizard598 brought the cute with their submission, delightfully titled “pumpkin spice”.

Keeping the pumpkin theme going was MrPiston and their take on a pumpkin sweater.

ItsToastCraft took us on a fashionable fall picnic, and even made sure to include a chest in a boat!

ItsCrayne took a cute approach with this adorable acorn top. 

CheeseCat found inspiration with our Burberry collab, creating this “Crepurberry” design. Isn’t it just the cutest?!

Finally, ChesireKat_98 created not one but THREE fall fashion skins, and they’re all fantastic. 

We loved all of your creative fall fashion skins, so thank you to everyone who participated. Want to share your creations? Please keep an eye out on our Discord server and Twitter for future community contests!  

Written By
Lindsey S.