From Mojang to Microsoft

Mojang Studios is improving safety and security in the Java Edition of the game. But we need your help to make this happen! Don’t worry—unlike actual moves, this one won’t involve carrying deceivingly heavy boxes only to be rewarded with cheap pizza.

Mojang and Microsoft logos

To make this improvement possible, all players will need to transition from Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts. Don’t worry, the process will be easy and we’ll guide you through it. This move is mandatory, but it’s also super worth it! We have some exciting updates planned ahead and do not fret, the Java edition is not going away.

Sign in to your Mojang account to get started

Making the move

We will move Java Edition players in groups since there are a lot of you!

To check if we are ready to move your account, please sign in to or the Minecraft Launcher. When it’s time to move, you will be notified when you sign in.

The only online location where you can make the move is at, after you have signed in with your Mojang account credentials.

Mojang Studios and Minecraft will not ask you for account information in any other way, so please beware of any phishing attempts or fake websites.

Minecraft Launcher showing user where to migrate account

Java Account Move: A Fun Visit from Dinnerbone

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Dinnerbone, with more detailed information about moving your Java account! Watch this video to find out how to safely move your account, where to find information, and – oh who are we kidding? It’s all about how to get your free cape! 

Minecraft security characters following a man carrying a suitcase

New and improved!

After moving, Java players will get several new features:

  • Increased account security with two-factor authentication
  • Single account login for all PC-based Minecraft games
  • Improved parental controls
Alex character with a sword and shield

We will help you move

The moving process will start in early 2021, and we will keep you up to speed via the blog, an FAQ, videos on our YouTube channel, and even emails straight to your inbox. When it’s time, you will be notified when signing into or opening the Minecraft Java edition launcher (which will be the same launcher for Java edition and Minecraft Dungeons!). 

We also have a team of villagers on standby and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through the huuuh hmm hrmmm​. Okay, there is no villager call center (booo​), but all of the other resources we’ve mentioned should be more than enough to get you through this move as smoothly as possible.

4 Minecraft Villagers

There will also be ongoing improvements to player safety and security over time, starting with new parental controls and the ability to block players going live this fall.

News about the move


    Earn a Java cape

    To express our thanks to the Java players, you will receive a special cape once you’ve moved, to show others in-game that you were around for “the big move!”

    Minecraft character with a cape

    Don’t have java?

    Of course, if you don’t own the Java version of the game yet, you will simply sign in to your Microsoft account or set up a new one when you get the game, starting today.

    Minecraft Java Edition logo