MINECON Earth Co-Host: Big B Statz

Our ace co-host tells us his greatest achievements!

Big B is one of our favourite Minecraftin’ YouTubers and a really lovely chap, too. So we are beyond proud to welcome him onto this year’s MINECON Earth stage! Here’s what he had to say…

What’s your name?

Anthony / Big B Statz

What’s your channel URL?


What is best in life: Survival or Creative? Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Vanilla or modded?

I would say Creative, as you are able to do just that. With having unlimited resources you are able to create whatever comes to mind. As far as Single player or Multiplayer, I would have to go with Multiplayer. Interacting with your friends and fans and having fun together will always be timeless. Between Vanilla or Modded, I would choose Vanilla. It’s always good to dive into a good ol’ adventure the natural way! :)

If you were a Minecraft mob, which would you be?

I think I would be an Enderman. Teleporting would be so cool and plus I’m curious to see what I would see in between each teleport. Like, do I control where and when I teleport or is there a time limit when I would have to teleport? So many unanswered questions!

What’s the one item or block you think we should add to Minecraft?

One item I think they should add into Minecraft would be cheese. I think that could open up the door for one day crafting pizza, which I think is a food people would love to eat in Minecraft.

What’s your greatest Minecraftin’ achievement?

My greatest Minecraftin’ achievement is being in an episode of Minecraft: Story Mode and playing me as a character!