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Minecraft players riding the Universal tram with Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Donkey past the shark in Jaws!

Next stop: the Universal Studios Event

Four days of behind-the-scenes fun starts now!

After some fierce dragon-taming at the Isle of Berk, it’s time for our Universal New Year’s Celebration to make a detour into the in-game Universal Studios Event*. I hope you’ve canceled all your other plans, because for the next four days, we have a blocky version of Universal Studios Hollywood’s world-famous Studio Tour all to ourselves! You heard that right. This is your ticket to go behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies and TV shows in a unique Minecraft map. So strap in, and get ready for plot twists, movie magic, aaaaand... action!

Hold up! What is a Minecraft in-game event?

If this is your first live event, you’re in for a treat! Once in a blocky moon, we decide to throw a big in-game party to celebrate you, our community. At this live server event, thousands of Minecraft players across the world come together to play a themed map! This server only exists for a few days, and during that time you get to explore a new world, take on challenges with other players, and even pick up gifts for free*. 


The Universal Studios Event 

From today, you can spawn into a world inspired by Universal Studios Hollywood’s signature attraction, the world-famous Studio Tour! This in-game adventure will take you through iconic sets inspired by some of your favorite movies and TV shows, but also behind-the-scenes to see how they’re made and meet some of the characters. 

Usually, you’re not allowed to touch props on studio tours, but on this one, you can. There are plenty of quests and mini-games to take on, like the rooftop parkour challenge at New York Street. And you’re apparently not supposed to go swimming where they’ve seen the shark from JAWS, but I won’t tell if you don’t? If things go wrong, we can always say it’s a blooper.

After the tour you can swing by Shrek’s swamp inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek to join him and Donkey on their adventures. That reminds me! There are free in-game Character Creator items, like some ogre ears(!), dropping every day until January 8 so make sure to log in and claim yours.

Join this blockbuster bonanza via Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from December 19, 10am PST to December 22, 4pm PST. If you’re not on Pacific Time – there's a list of handy time conversions at the bottom of this article!


Join the Universal Studios Event by clicking the dedicated button on the main screen in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The server will be live from December 19 10am PST until December 22 4pm PST – plenty of time to practice your Hollywood smile! 

Please note the event won’t be available in other versions of Minecraft so make sure you are launching Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. You’ll also need an internet connection to take part in the event, which means that you must have a subscription that includes online play on consoles, like Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online. To join from a child account, make sure that server play is enabled in the account’s settings; this is turned off by default.


Worldwide times for the Universal Studios Event

Pacific Time (US) PST:  December 19 10:00 - December 22 16:00

Mountain Time (US) MST:  December 19 11:00 - December 22 17:00 

Central Time (US) CST:  December 19 12:00 - December 22 18:00

Eastern Time (US) EST:  December 19 13:00 - December 22 19:00

Sao Paulo (Brazil) BRT:  December 19 15:00 - December 22 21:00

London (UK) GMT:  December 19 18:00 - December 23 00:00 

Stockholm (Sweden) CET:  December 19 19:00 - December 23 01:00

Tokyo (Japan) JST:  December 20 03:00 - December 23 09:00 


*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately); event runs from December 19, 2023, 10am PST to December 22, 2023, 4pm PST. 

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