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An image of Alex wearing a green cape with a creeper face on it and the words "DAY 3" next to it

The 15th Anniversary cape

Get a special cape and today’s Character Creator item

Welcome to day 3 of our 15th anniversary celebration! And today is a special one, because it’s Minecraft’s actual birthday. Yes, on May 17, 2009, Cave Game came out and caused a butterfly effect that would lead to you reading this article 15 years later. Fascinating! And what better way to celebrate such a consequential day than with a free cake!!! Wait a second, how would we send... Oh I see, it’s not cake, it’s a CAPE!!!

Starting today, you can claim the exclusive anniversary cape to wear when setting out on your next adventure or on your favorite server. It’s yours to keep, so show it off however you want! Just don’t make any hissing noises or you might startle someone. Swoosh over to the redeem page to get yours!

Enter the cherry grove on YouTube

Liven up your content with the Minecraft Spring 360º YouTube Shorts effect, which immerses you in a stunning cherry grove with some fun surprises that you can explore using your device’s camera. Plus, I’ve heard something cool happens if you Google "Minecraft” during the celebration... But that’s just a rumor. *winks aggressively*

A kick-axe birthday wish

Who knew that our 15th anniversary would finally bring us our 15 minutes of fame? We enjoyed the birthday message we got from Jack Black and Jason Momoa SO much that we’ve even uploaded it to our own YouTube channel! Check it out:

Today’s free Character Creator item

Speaking of capes, did you know they were introduced all the way back in the Java Edition Beta 1.0? To be honest, I’m more of a fancy hat person myself. Which is great for me, because today’s freebie is the Ender Hood! Wear this Character Creator item proudly, whether you’ve already bested the Ender Dragon or keep a healthy distance from the End. Head to the Dressing Room to claim it now! 

Three days into the 15-year celebration and there's no slowing down this minecart! How will the next surprise shape your world? Check daily so you don’t miss out on the festivities.  

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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