Our top ten stocking stuffers!

Make a minecrafter’s yule super cool with these gift ideas

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! But wait. Before that comes the most panic-stricken time of the year, when you need to prepare gifts and you suddenly forget everything that your loved ones like and enjoy! Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a minecrafter in your life, don’t worry, you can skip the panic with this handy list of merry minecraftin’ treats. So you can both prance ahead to the festive fun and eat way, way more than your body can handle. Yay!

Of course, if you’re stuck for an idea of what to give someone who isn’t a minecrafter: why not get them Minecraft itself? You can grab a gift code through the Mojang accounts site or as a pre-paid card from an old-fashioned real-life store. Then you can share your hobby and let our merch store solve all your gift-giving issues for future festive seasons (and birthdays too, for that matter)!

We’ve included links below to the official store run by our chums at J!NX, but be aware that there are lots of other ways to buy Minecraft goodies that may better suit your location - Amazon has a special Minecraft store, and lots of regional outlets, for example.

1. Creeper Beanie

First up on our wishlist - anything that can keep us warm. Even if it means risking close proximity to a creeper. It’s the season to be jolly and totally not explode, right? Get the Creeper Beanie from J!NX here.

2. LEGO Minecraft - The Ice Spikes

If I know anything about your resident minecrafter, it’s that they love to build and are pretty good at it too. Why not expand their repertoire with some LEGO? The Ice Spikes pack might be the most seasonally appropriate, but there’s a lot to choose from. Buy the LEGO Minecraft Ice Spikes kit from J!NX here.

3. Endermen Earrings

For a more discreet treat, try out these Endermen earrings. Never hurts to have another set of eyes looking out for you, after all… Buy the Endermen Earrings from J!NX here.

4. Minecraft Animal Figures - 6 pack

This is the time when hanging out with family and friends is most important, so we’ll be spending it with these guys! They double nicely as extra snazzy stocking fillers, too. Get the animal figures from J!NX here.

5. Pictograph Wall Poster

Are you completely confused by Minecraft? Don’t understand what all the porkchop talk is about? Well, hey, get your minecrafter this poster and they can point out everything you don’t know in greater, more demonstrable detail! That’s what you want, right? RIGHT? Get the poster from J!NX here.

6. Baby Polar Bear Plush

What’s warm, fluffy, adorable AND most at home in the arctic biome? You guessed it! This cute lil cuboid cub is probably the one Minecraft mob we’d most like to snuggle up with in our den this winter. Better not risk it with a momma bear, though. Adopt your polar bear baby from J!NX here.

7. Minecraft Pickaxe Diagram Tee

Everyone needs clothes and this pickaxe tee is fun, colourful, informative and super comfortable. There’s a range of cool tool t-shirts to choose from, including the shovel and axe, but this one is our favourite. Merry mining! Buy the tee from J!NX here.

8. Skeleton With Bow Adventure Figure

You know what else you need for a festive celebration? Decorations! And what else but an adorable, not-at-all-scary skeleton to sit proudly upon your mantlepiece? That lovely jack-o-lantern also means it can double as a super late halloween ornament. Buy the skellie figure here from J!NX.

9. Alex Plush

Who better to celebrate with than Alex? She's fun, adventurous and resourceful, making her a good friend to any minecrafter worth their diamonds. Spend the holidays with her and you'll not only make up for all those times you got lost for hours in the Nether, but you'll also have a great time. Find Alex on J!NX here.

10. Deluxe Diamond Pickaxe

The most vital tool for any minecrafter is the famous diamond pickaxe. It’s the one we’re all striving for and the one that I instantly lose five seconds after making it. Look, it’s a hard life, craftin’. Anyway, do your loved one a solid and get them this iconic tool to keep around for longer than it takes to fall in a pit of lava. Get this essential tool from J!NX here.

See? Super easy. And hey, if you want some of these items yourself, you could always drop a few sneaky hints by linking this page to your friends over and over again. Remember you can also head over to our merch store for even more goodies. With all the time you just saved, you can sit back and craft until the food’s ready!

Written by
Emily Richardson