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The written word is amazing. It’s just all these little squiggles, really - but when you look at them they turn into thoughts INSIDE YOUR BRAIN. Amazing stuff. I’m actually beaming thoughts right into your head from the comfort of my desk right now! Egg! Chihuahua! Moustache!

But words don’t just serve the fickle whims of power-mad web editors intent on forcing their audience to imagine dogs and facial hair. Words can be used to inform, entertain and delight! What better evidence of this than our TWO NEW BOOKS, which aim to give both new and old players thrilling insight into the world of Minecraft? Our Guide to Exploration is the go-to tome for any adventurer, cataloguing the challenges they might face, and the tricks they might use to overcome them. The Guide to Creative is a compendium of advice for budding builders.

Here’s what Owen has to say about the Guide to Creative!

Almost everything you do in Minecraft involves some kind of creativity, and though true creativity is hard to teach, we’re hoping this guide will inspire you to build some brilliant, beautiful things. Owen Jones

The guide is broken into three bits. The first deals with preparation - good planning is essential to any ambitious build, from assessing how the natural landscape might help or hinder you, to working out a strong colour scheme.

The second section is all about decoration. There are practical bits - like how to light your builds or arrange your essential utilities - and aesthetic bits, walking you through the intricacies of banner production, landscaping and clever block hacks that’ll let you squeeze more detail into your designs.

The final section puts everything you’ve learnt into practice with a series of building guides: a remote outpost, exotic villa and ocean observatory. There’s even a steampunk airship! Fancy stuff.

Meanwhile, the Guide to Exploration is all about survival! It offers a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the world of Minecraft - from cataloguing its mobs and naturally generating structures to hints on how to get through your first night, navigate the world, and make the most of your mining efforts. No adventurer should be without this essential advice!

As Owen says:

Though it’s fun to play with infinite resources in Creative mode, there’s something special about building things out of hard-worn materials harvested from your Minecraft world. I think it’s the most satisfying way to play. Owen Jones

Personally, I've always preferred the instant and endless freedom of Creative Mode - but I can see his point. And with this book open beside me, I might just live long enough in Survival to be fully persuaded!

Both books are rather attractive things, full of gorgeous isometric renders. We’ve posted a couple of excerpts from the guides during the last month. Go here for a snippet of the Guide to Exploration, and here for a taste of the Guide to Creative.

Find them in bookstores or order them online here: Guide to Exploration / Guide to Creative. Then simply open them up and let the wisdom pour into your brain. Magic!

Written by
Marsh Davies