New Books Out Today!

Redstone, The Nether and The End explained in our new guides!

Paper! Invented by the Chinese, popularised by Arabian trade, printed in Europe… could it be that this truly global medium has finally achieved its ultimate true expression - the absolute pinnacle of all human wisdom and literature - in our latest releases: The Guide to The Nether & The End and The Guide to Redstone? Well, probably not, but they are jolly fine books, with pages packed of learned goodness about that game we all love: Minecraft.

Here’s what I say in the introduction to The Guide to Redstone!

Welcome to our Guide to Redstone – Minecraft’s answer to electronics! Lay down redstone dust like electrical wire, add a few simple components, and you can build clever computers or crafty combination locks, trigger human catapults or trap mischievous mobs. It’s powerful and versatile! So versatile, in fact, that we’re often gobsmacked by the stuff the community makes – everything from pixel-art editors to massive walking mechs. We hope this guide gives you the know-how to unleash your imagination and build the next thing that leaves us gawping! Marsh Davies

Thanks, me. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Because I did say it. Um. Anyway, the book’s great - entirely thanks to the expert brain behind it, Craig Jelley, who did nearly all those tricky word things and the thinking bits behind them. It also looks stunning! Have a look at these rather lovely spreads!

Anyway, the important thing is what sticks with you after you put the book down. Hopefully it’ll give you all the tools and inspiration you need to make even more amazing builds! Our aim for our second book is a little different: survival! The Nether and The End are two of the harshest, deadliest places in Minecraft - even the most hardy adventurer can come a cropper without proper preparation. And that’s what this book is all about! What does that wise sage - me - have to say about it in the introduction?

Welcome, bold adventurers, clever crafters and worldly wanderers! Are you ready for an even greater challenge, with even greater rewards, than anything found in the grassy plains and craggy mountains of Minecraft’s Overworld? You soon will be! In these pages we’ll dig through the secrets of the Nether – a place of roiling lava lakes and black caverns – and the strange reality of the End, with its pale islands, floating in an inky void. Ghasts! Shulkers! Such foes you will learn to face as you conquer the furthest reaches of the world. So, be sure to pack this book before stepping through a portal – and good luck! Marsh Davies

Wow. What insight. But not nearly as insightful as that master of Minecraft fact, Stephanie Milton, whose brilliant words reveal many of these places' strange secrets. Let’s have a look at a spread or several, eh?

My word! And soon, hopefully, your words as well, if you choose to purchase them online or from your nearest booskhop. Click here to order the Guide to Redstone and click here to order the Guide to The Nether & The End.


Written by
Marsh Davies