New Book Alert: Mobestiary

Get the ultimate Minecraft critter catalogue now!

Minecraft’s world does not give up its secrets easily, with its hidden depths, alternate dimensions and, above all, mysterious mobs. Have you ever stared into the single, baleful eye of an elder guardian and wondered, “What do you even want?” (Spoiler: they want you dead and have laser eyes, so don’t do this.)

One brave wanderer of the world, known only as the Naturalist, has spent a lifetime asking these difficult questions, seeking answers, and helpfully compiling all the resulting discoveries into a single Creeper-bound tome: behold the MOBESTIARY!

There are lurid descriptions of the inner workings of ghast, llamas, snow golems - the entire Minecraft menagerie is detailed within, alongside beautiful sketches and annotated diagrams. Some even illustrate the beasties' goopy inner workings! Fascinating and disgusting!

Have a look at the lovely images below.

It’s an essential compendium for any adventurer, and a lovely coffee table book too! It’s on shelves today: so go get it!

Written by
Marsh Davies