Minecraft Cosplay? You’re Covered!

We have the kit to fit any ‘crafter!

Convention season is upon us, and ‘crafters everywhere are hurriedly assembling their costumes. But not all of us are too good with a needle and thread. Luckily, we have marchandise to aid you on your way to a creditable costume effort, with no sewing, stitching, hemming or accidentally impaling your fingers required!

Transform yourself into Minecraft’s iconic Steve with only five sides of cardboard and an untucked shirt! Accessorize with our range of toy tools! And bring a furry pal along, too - why not?

Go Boxy!

I’m sure you have a very nice face, but it’s almost certainly a little high-resolution for the purpose of Minecraft cosplay. Attain that essential lo-poly blockhead look with our range of box heads. Easy to assemble, they’re a super-quick way to assert your ‘crafter credentials! Get them from J!NX by clicking below!

Alex - Steve - Creeper - Enderman - Skeleton

Go Equipped!

Transforming Gold Sword / Pickaxe

Two handy tools in one! With a quick tug of the pickaxe’s top, this transforms into a mighty pixelated blade - useful when you don’t want to waste time fiddling around in your inventory. It’s made of a safe, rigid plastic and high-density foam!

Enchanted Bow and Arrow

Prefer to keep your distance from danger? Eagle-eyed archers will delight in this true-to-the-game, fully-twangable bow with an appropriately enchanting, iridescent finish!

Light Up Torch

Brighten whatever corner of the convention centre you venture into! Once you’re done with your expedition, you can flip down a corner to mount the torch on a wall at a jaunty angle - just as in the game!

If you’re not fussed by the prospect of transforming tools, or simply covet a different colour, then you can pick up a Diamond Sword or Diamond Pickaxe as separate items, or buy a bundle which contains iron versions of the tools - all made of durable EVA foam.

Go Casual!

Does your get-together require a more relaxed dresscode than a full-on costume might permit? Then we have a couple of craftily Minecrafty items that might be of interest. The Ocelot Zip-Up Hoodie, as modelled above by a terrifying specter who defies mortal vision, might look like an ordinary piece of clothing at first glance, but whip up the hood and its cute kitten ears will transform you into a majestic jungle feline. Alternatively, roleplay as the ocelot’s nemesis with the Creeper Zip-Up Hoodie. Just try not to walk into anything when fully-zipped.

Bring a Pal!

It’s dangerous to go alone. So, take a furry friend with you! Tame a Wolf to be your loyal companion, or tempt an Ocelot to leave the jungle a join you by your side. Need a cat to match the rest of your snappy suit - then maybe you’ll find the Tuxedo Cat a better fit for your palette. Or go the whole hog and get yourself a Pig to pal around with. Just don’t mention where your stack of pork chops came from.

There’s a load more merch to help your costumery efforts over on our store! Enjoy meeting people at conventions and remember to use hand-sanitiser!

Written by
Marsh Davies