Introducing Realms Clubs

Use Minecraft Realms? Then you're already a member!

Have you tried Minecraft Realms? They're servers ran by us, solely for the use of you and your friends. Only players that you invite can play on your Realm, so it's a great, safe way to play Minecraft online with your friends! To learn more about Minecraft Realms click this snazzy green text to journey to the Realms page.

Ah, but if you already know all about Minecraft Realms, then you must be here to learn about new Realms Clubs!

Realms Clubs are online meeting places created specifically for members of your Realms to share stuff and socialise. In your Club, you can share posts with each other and like videos, photos, and comments. They're essentially a fun new addition so you and your friends can get more out of Realms! Have a click through the gallery to see some of the fun new features Clubs brings to the Minecraft Realms experience.

Realms Clubs will begin rolling out today for Minecraft on Xbox One, mobile and Windows 10! Scroll down for a handy FAQ!

Realms Clubs FAQ

How do I access Realms Clubs?

They’re automatically created for your Realm, and anyone you invite to your Realm is also added to the Club. You can access your Realms Clubs from the Xbox App on PC, mobile, or console, or directly from your Realms menu in Minecraft. It’s easy to take your Clubs experience with you across devices - your feed will sync automatically (though video and chat are only supported by the Xbox App).

Who is added to my Realms Club?

Players who have been invited to your Realm will automatically be added to your Realms Club. This makes it easy for all your invited friends to share and socialise in one place. It's also easy to add or remove players from both Realms and/or Realms Clubs, so don't be a jerk! That's good advice regardless of whether you use Realms Clubs or not tbh...

How do I take and post a screenshot in my Club?

To take a screenshot, pause the game and hit the button with the Camera icon next to the “Feed” button. Pressing this button will take a screenshot of the current view (excluding the UI menu) and add it to your list of saved screenshots or directly to your Realms Clubs feed.

Can you report comments/posts in your Club?

Yes, you can report comments and posts in your Club to the club admin, who can then delete posts and comments and remove players from the Club if necessary. You can also report comments and posts directly to the Xbox Live enforcement team. For more information on club admins and their capabilities, visit Xbox Support.

Do kids/teens automatically have access to Clubs or do they need additional parental permissions?

Kids/teens need a parent to adjust their permissions in order to use Realms, which includes the Clubs feature. Kids cannot see any content posted in Clubs without additional parental permissions, and teens cannot see content posted by non-friends in Clubs without additional parental permissions. If kids or teens wanted to join more Xbox Live Clubs outside of their Realms Clubs, they would need additional parental permissions. You can adjust permissions here:

How do you block players from your Club?

The Club admin (owner of the Realm) can ban or remove players from the club and from the Realm. Any players blocked from the Club will also be blocked from the Realm, and vice versa. For more information, or to switch your Club admin visit Xbox Support.

Should I monitor my child’s Club chat?

Xbox Live Clubs chat is not monitored or filtered by Xbox Live, so parents may elect to monitor their children’s feeds.

Can I delete the Realm Club?

No, there will always be a Club connected to your Realm. But you don't have to use it if you don't want to!

Why is the name of my Club "My Realm" and not the name of my Realm?

Your Realm name was not accepted as a name for the Club. If you want the names to be the same, rename the Club and the Realm will get the same name, or the other way around.

My Realm doesn't seem to have a Club, what's wrong?

Oh dear! Please contact Support at

Why can’t I create a new Realm? I get an error message that I should change settings on

To create or join a Realm, your Xbox Online Safety settings need to allow both the setting “Join multiplayer games” and “You can create and join Clubs”. To play on a Realm, you only need to allow the first setting.

How do I manage my Club in Minecraft?

You can change the name and description of the Realm, which will sync to the Club, in the Realms Settings menu. You can also moderate the Club feed and access the all reports by choosing “Manage feed” from the Realms settings menu.

And that's it! I'm off to see why Marsh 'accidentally' kicked me out of his Club. Enjoy!

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