Back to school merch!

Everything you need to rule the playground like a KING

The nights are growing longer, the days are getting cooler, which means Summer is finally beginning its endgame and it'll soon be time to go back to school. But cheer up! Study hard now, and who knows? Perhaps you'll become so smart that you develop your own hit game! One that's so successful, it puts Mojang out of business. Good luck!

While we are still in business, we have loads of cool merch perfect for the upcoming school season. There's tons more on the dedicated store page of our site too.

We’ve included links below to the store run by our chums at J!NX, but be aware that there are lots of other ways to buy Minecraft goodies that may better suit your location - Amazon has a special Minecraft store, and lots of regional outlets, for example.


How do you carry your stationary, equipment and school books around? In an old shredded bag you found in the swamp? Don't do that! Not when you could carry them comfortably and stylishly in one of our many Minecraft backpacks. Get it from J!NX here.

2. Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger

Studying late into the night? Or just need to charge your phone? Let's go with the former, as this handy wall charger lights up, offering just enough redstone glow for those late-night study sessions you can totally pull off without checking your phone every four seconds. We believe in you! You're... you're reading this on your phone aren't you? Get it from J!NX here.

3. Creeper Scarf

A scarf? In August? Look, buddy, if you lived in Stockholm like us, you'd be wrapping up warm in the 'Summer' (ha!) months too. Be prepared for the chills of Autumn and Winter with the hottest neck around (in both senses of the word) with this trendy Creeper scarf! Get it from J!NX here.

4. Creeper Face Mug

Studying can be thirsty work, so what better way to stay hydrated and prove you're not afraid of explosive mobs? Also a great way to stylishly hold pens and pencils, with that terrifying Creeper face perfect for scaring off would-be stationary thieves. You'd have to be a real mug not to buy this! Just like I'm a real mug for not deleting that last sentence. Get it from J!NX here

5. Career opportunities tee

In the words of all your nagging relatives: “have you thought about what you're going to do when you finish school?” Help make one of the most important decisions of your young life with this handy shirt! Warning: 'Treasure hunter' and 'alchemist' are not the wisest of long-term career choices. Get it from J!NX here.

6. Periodic Table Wall Poster

We were pretty good at science at school, but we might have done even better if we'd had this handy poster, featuring the Minecraft periodic table! Actually, we would've done much worse. Please don't try using this poster to help you study. We cannot stress this enough. Get it from J!NX here.


Everyone knows the secret to schooltime success is in the quality of the notes you take. For example, according to my notes, Marsh wanted me to write this list without any of 'your awful, stupid jokes.' Woops. Anyway, jot down everything you need to know in this handy composition book! Get it from J!NX here.

You can find more Minecraft goodies on our store page!

Written by
Tom Stone