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Anniversary stream rewards!

Stream Minecraft and earn rewards

Day 4: Watch a creator and get cosmetics for your platform!

Minecraft’s 15-year anniversary is in full swing with non-stop celebration raging across cyberspace. We’ve been having cake every single day! At this rate, will we make it through all 15?! Only time – or belly space – will tell! 

At the time of writing, we're in the middle of a quest that deserves more attention than our stomachs. Not a quest like breaking out of the Matrix or throwing a ring into lava. No, hopefully, you’ll find this far more epic than those silly tasks. Most importantly, these are quests that you can – and should – participate in. 


A party is raging over at a friendly neighborhood streaming service – and you’re invited. Watch 15 minutes of any Minecraft content on Twitch between May 15 – May 31 to unlock the 15th Anniversary exclusive item Purple Heart Cape*.  

That’s not all. After all, what would a quest be without a side-mission with additional rewards? By supporting a Minecraft streamer by subscribing or gifting a sub throughout activation, you’ll also unlock the glamorous Glitch Mask*. Is that a Twitch logo on top of your head? You bet it is! 


Meanwhile, there’s an equally amazing party happening over yet another streaming platform, and why pick one when you can participate in both? Running May 18 through June 18, you'll have the chance to snag a TikTok-themed cape* by tuning in to Minecraft streams where creators have the reward enabled. 

Just drop the SUPER SECRET comment "Minecraft" (creative huh?) in the stream to get your hands on the in-game code. Then, head over to to claim and add a touch of TikTok style to your Minecraft adventures*! 

In addition, you'll can also score yourself a Diamond Helmet profile frame from May 18 through May 31. To qualify: Head to on mobile and hit "Create post" to share a video on TikTok lasting one minute or more with the hashtag #MinecraftBadge. It's your chance to shape and share your Minecraft story and add some Minecraft flair to your profile photo!

Keep an eye on Minecraft's social channels for more details on how to participate.


If the above items weren’t enough for your already stuffed Character Creator closet, there’s plenty more to add! Throughout the entire 15-year Anniversary celebration, you can redeem a free item – every single day.

Today's hot item, Emerald Expert, is the only latest fashion straight from the desert villages of the Overworld. 

To claim this desert dessert, start the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft and open the Dressing Room after 10am PST/7pm CET. Here, you’ll find your sparkling new Character Creator item, ready to be equipped!  

* Both the Twitch and TikTok capes are available for Bedrock Edition now, and will be in Java Edition by July 8. Make sure you redeem your codes by the June 30 expiration date! 

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Per Landin

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