10 Things You Didn't Know About Making Mobs

VIDEO: The most anticipated ninth episode of anything ever! Wait…

How hard is it to design a mob for Minecraft? Pfft, not hard at all! Look, I’ll come up with one right now. OK, so let’s say it has a face… a depressed face! (Write what you know). Let’s give it a striking but familiar colour… oooh, green! Should it have an intuitive gameplay feature that doesn’t frustrate players? Nah, let’s just have it explode! Alright, now all we need is a name. I’ll name it after my favourite Minecraft.net writer, Per Landin, and the song I listen to on a loop while writing these fun articles, Creep by Radiohead. All done! Behold my completely original new mob, the Creep-Per!

Oh. I guess making original mobs is harder than I thought. Perhaps I should watch episode 9 of Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft: Making Mobs for some inspiration?  

We talked about Alex a lot in that video and to be clear, we didn’t just add her to give you another choice that wasn’t Steve. We deliberately wanted a character our awesome female players could relate to more. Especially if you’re Lydia Winters as Alex’s eyes are even based on Lydia’s! The colour, that is. Lydia’s eyes aren’t squares, last I checked.

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Written By
Tom Stone